1. Focus on what’s important (big picture)

Some stuff is probably lingering from the weekend. Someone’s Instagram post made you self-conscious. Someone’s Facebook post made you upset. Someone pissed you off at a bar. Someone’s Snap Story made you feel jealous… “How the f*#& is that person always traveling?!” It’s easy to get lost in all the small bullshit. Start your week off right by making a list of the 5 Big Picture goals you want to complete, for yourself. Don’t sweat the small stuff; write down what’s important to you.

2. Take care of the clutter

Boost Serotonin Levels

Throw out the pizza boxes from Friday night. Do all your laundry, fold all your clothes and straighten up your living spaces. This may sound crazy, but make your bed. Yes, even before you go to sleep that night. Studies have shown that small, visual accomplishments can boost serotonin levels which are responsible for your ‘good moods.’ If you start Monday with a cluttered apartment, then you’ll start Monday with a cluttered mind.

3. Practice a relaxation exercise

Release the endorphinsTake 10 controlled deep breaths and stretch. Studies have shown that doing yoga, meditating and stretching are some of the best ways to release more endorphins into your body. Endorphins are responsible for masking pain and giving you that “power through” mentality. They’ll give you the natural optimism you need to mentally prepare for the work week.

4. Plan something fun later in the week

Planning a fun event with friends later in the week can increase your dopamine levels. Planning an event allows you to focus on anticipated happiness that event will bring you (and help you overlook current negativity). A common misconception is that dopamine is the ‘happiness drug.’ In reality, it’s more of an happiness-anticipation drug. Your brain releases dopamine when you’re excited about something or striving to attain something. It’s fueled by focus and optimism.

5. Do something nice for someone else

Boost Oxytocin Level


It’s called Oxytocin, and it’s a neurochemical in your brain that’s important for regulating human behavior related to social relationships, personal relationships and anxiety. It’s often referred to as the “cuddle chemical” or “love hormone.” Studies have shown that going out of your way to compliment, say thanks or send a nice message to someone else (unprompted), instigates a release of Oxytocin. It’s that special feeling you get when helping someone out or doing something nice for another person.

6. Relax as much as you can

Relax fire

Don’t plan a stressful or mind-bending task for Sunday night. Don’t do it. Spend Sunday night relaxing on your couch, eating a healthy dinner and watching something that makes you laugh. It may seem like the most successful people just never stop working. That’s a lie. Everyone takes mental and physical breaks. It may not seem so because their social media shows otherwise. But trust us, behind all their scheduled posts and filters, they do and they’re better because of it.

7. Get some good sleep

Get some good sleep

Don’t binge eat until midnight and fall asleep on your couch until 3am. Make sure you’re getting 7-8 hours of ‘bed sleep.’ This is obviously a no-brainer, and the reasons for getting adequate sleep could fill a novel. Basically, sleep regenerates your body so that it can properly handle the mental and physical stresses of daily life.

8. Bonus Tip

Take a CBD product. CBD (cannabidiol) is a legal, safe & natural compound that reduces anxiety. Unlike THC, CBD does not get you high (at all). Sweet CBD candy is the medically beneficial compound found in the cannabis family. CBD has natural anti-anxiety, anti-inflammation & anti-emetic properties (reduces nausea). Try some CBD gummies today – Click Here.

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