Take care of business in YOU-style. Always remember why self-expression is important — even on the job — and let your freak flag fly (a little!) accordingly.

We’re not saying to go full-on ‘80s Madonna with a caution-cone bustier at work, but expressing yourself is a pretty important part of feeling relaxed and comfortable. And as As Clinical Psychologist Jennifer Guttman writes, "Reflecting your personality in the way you dress can build self-confidence."

Self-expression in the workplace can be a struggle when you’re trying to keep it professional or, God forbid, there’s a dress code. But you’re a Rockstar (yes, you are), and you can master self-expression without going over the top and getting kicked out of the office, café, or wherever else you hang your hardhat.

We all know how and why self-expression is important — even in the workplace. Here’s how you can subtly show the real you, even with a tight-ass dress code.

Anxiety may make you feel like a moth, but you’re a butterfly, dude!

The critical thing to remember when you're trying to express yourself professionally is that you're not doing this to impress anyone but yourself. Mental health is tied to creativity and imagination, so let those things shine like diamonds.

You have to let go of giving too much of a **** about what other people think and just feel comfortable being who you are and happy with how you look. You've got to remember why self-expression is important — it's for YOU, remember?

We know, NGAF sounds extremely hard. But it gets easier. The more you incorporate your personality into your look, the more comfortable you’ll be, and the less impact it has on you when others notice the "wrong" way.

And, honestly, what’s the worst that can happen? Debby from accounts receivable is going to laugh at you? Well, Debby can shove it. The big meanie.

Start small, then go big!

Does your dress code fit how you normally dress? We're not talking about how you dress when you're binging Netflix and eating a gallon of rocky road ice cream. We're talking how you look when going out with friends.

The answer is probably no. But you can start adding some of your me-centric fashion to your work outfit. While you still may have a dress code to follow, you can always express yourself personally and professionally.

Try adding bits of favorite colors to your outfit. You can do this with jewelry, scarves, or pins. Honestly, the sky’s the limit here.

If the dress code is a bit laxer, then you can start adding articles of clothing you love to your style. While certain outfits may not be something you feel comfortable wearing around the office, parts of them may be—and can create a new-you work style.

Accessorize like a boss

There are a lot of accessories out there. From big chonky necklaces with a lot of charms to special ones with sentimental value, add a little something that says who you are. Bracelets — from leather cuffs to thin strands of wire or color explosions — are other great accent pieces that inject a little personality.

And don’t get us started on all the amazing rings you can wear.

If you don’t want to (or can’t) add new clothes to your work outfit, start with some jewelry. There are bound to be pieces out there that speak to you, so start adding them to your wardrobe.

To top it all off

Let’s talk about your hair. Is it time for a new do? Have you been rockin’ the same style since the ‘00s or even ‘90s? Sure, bowl cuts were ok back in the day. And if you keep it long enough, it may come back in style. But we sure as hell hope not.

You may be worried about trying something new and it looking terrible, so you stick with what you know. We can respect that. But nothing extraordinary ever happens from staying static, and a new hairdo can really make you feel like a million bucks.

We say go for it! Hair grows back. Plus, new hairstyles are some of the easiest things to get away with when there is a tight dress code. They may hope to control you a little, but they sure as heck can’t contain you, player.

You know why self-expression is important. So, do it without fear!

If you’re puzzling over how to look like you or what you can get away with when the dress code is like a scene from the Handmaid’s Tale, the first move is to chill the hell out.

Expressing yourself should be fun and comfortable, above all else.

But once you put your new style in place and are heading to work, the Sunday Scaries may show up to make you question your life choices — including the sartorial ones. Might we suggest our CBD gummies to take the edge off?

Just chew on one of our deliciously delicious treats of fruity CBD yum, and you'll be cruising into work with a new style and a chill attitude. And you probably won’t care what that snooty troll Debby thinks of your rockin’ new ‘do!