Top 32 Things to Do on a Sunday Night

Are you facing the Sunday night dilemma where you have time off from work but you're not sure how to spend it? Whether you need to unwind or ramp up for Monday, we’ve got you sorted.
A Sunday Scaries monster meal preps while relaxing, showing things to do on a Sunday night

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This guide gives you 32 things to do Sunday evening, with some of them being healthy & cliché and others half being fun & unique.

So whether you choose to be one of those "successful people" who meal plans and reflects on the previous week's achievements or whether you just want to Sunday Funday it up, we have ideas for you.

8 Relaxing Things to Do Sunday Night

A Sunday Scaries monster takes a bath and reads a book showing relaxing things to do on a Sunday night

Do you experience a downturn in mood as Sunday evening rolls around? You’re not alone.

According to an NBC News study, a substantial 75% of people experience the Sunday Scaries—feelings of anxiety in anticipation of the week ahead.

But Sunday shouldn't throw your emotions into a whirlwind... for most people it should be your day off!

1. Dive into a Good Book (Like You Have a Choice)

Who needs real people when you have fictional characters, am I right? instead of scrolling aimlessly on social media, consider a digital detox and crack open that new book that's been gathering dust on your nightstand. It’s a form of escapism, allowing you to take a break from daily life stressors and dive into a different world, even if it's just for thirty minutes.

2. Marinate in a Warm Bath (Tub Time Machine)

Remember those things we used to take ALL the time when we were kids, and we loved them? Yup, a bath. As the water envelops you, it’s as if your worries and stresses start to dissolve. Taking a warm bath on Sunday night can play a key role in your relaxation rituals before bed. If you stay in long enough, you might just soften up those rough edges from the week.

3. Channel Your Inner Monk with Mindfulness Meditation

This practice positively impacts mental health and relaxation by focusing on being present and aware of our thoughts and feelings without judgment. It’s about accepting the moment and ourselves as we are. It's like a timeout for grown-ups. If you're new to this, check out this beginner's guide to meditation for sleep & anxiety, where we highlight tips for a successful practice.

4. Fill Your Heart with Gratitude through Journaling

Journaling prompts you to reflect and appreciate what you have. It can help improve your mental health, increase self-awareness, and bring a sense of calmness. Spend some time writing down what you're grateful for, even if it's just the fact that you made it through another week.

5. Jump into an Interesting New Podcast

Feeling like you need a pick-me-up? Find a new podcast that can make you laugh or teach you something new. Whether it's a comedy show, true crime series, or an educational podcast, find something that piques your interest and makes the time fly by. Bonus points if you can find one that's both informative and entertaining.

6. Take a Stroll and Observe the World

The world is full of beauty, but we often don't take the time to appreciate it. Go for a night walk around your neighborhood, a park, or even just around your block. Take in all the sights, sounds, and smells. Getting some fresh air is an awesome alternative to just lounging around inside all day (or it will at least give you a break from doing so).

7. Get Creative with Some Arts & Crafts

Sunday evenings are the perfect day to let your creative juices flow. Whether it's painting, drawing, knitting, or any other crafts that interest you, set aside some time to immerse yourself in creating something. It's a great way to destress and unlock the power of self-expression, plus you'll end up with a cool new piece of art.

8. End Your Night with a Skin Care Routine

Treat yourself to some self-care by ending your Sunday night with a relaxing skin care routine. Use this time to pamper yourself and rejuvenate your skin before another busy week ahead. And hey, if you feel like turning on some music and doing a little dance while your face mask sets, we won't judge. You do you.

There you have it - 8 ways to relax and unwind on a Sunday evening. Hopefully these ideas will help ease those dreaded "Sunday Scaries" and make the most out of your weekend downtime.

8 Fun Things to Do on a Sunday Night

A Sunday Scaries monster scrolls on his phone and watches Netflix showing fun things to do on a Sunday night

If you're rolling your eyes on feeling "relaxed" or "healthy", don't worry, we made a fun list too.

After all, Sunday night doesn't always mean you need to fill your head with affirmations or force yourself to be in zen state.

Check out this list of 3 non-boring things to do on a Sunday night, custom-made for you millennials out there.

9. Netflix & Skill

Spending Sunday night in a vegetative state while binge-watching an endless cascade of shows is a time-honored tradition. But hold onto your remote control my fellow couch potatoes – this Sunday, we're giving our brain cells a Netflix marathon that's less about the 'chill' and more about the 'skill'... of learning. Queue up that list of documentaries you've been telling yourself you'd watch to "expand your horizons". Prepare to be the life of the party when you're dropping fun facts about the mating habits of the endangered pygmy three-toed sloth.

10. Swipe and Snack Olympics

Ah, the lesser-known but globally recognized Swipe and Snack Olympics, the event where thumbs and taste buds contend for the gold. Sensorial synergy is the game where swiping right on Hinge, Bumble, or Tinder is not just a desperate cry for love – it's a competitive sport. Grab some junk food, lay back on your bed and swipe you're hearts out. If you're still hungover from Saturday night check out this list of the best food for dealing with hangover anxiety, chef it up and start swiping.

11. At-Home Karaoke Night

Why wait until the next weekend to indulge in some good old-fashioned off-key singing? It's time to dust off your vocal cords and let loose with a solo performance. So grab that microphone (or hairbrush), pick your go-to jams on Spotify, dress up like Tom Cruise in Risky Business and get ready to rock the night away. Don't let the Sunday blues bring you down – embrace the present moment and have some fun as a rockstar.

End the night with a cold shower, because let's face it, no one needs to hear you sing in the shower.

12. Start a Movie Series Marathon

Maybe documentaries aren't your thing. Turn your Sunday night into a movie marathon night by picking a series or theme and watching all the movies that fit into it. Think Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, the Marvel catalog or even throw it back and re-watch Home Alone 1 & 2. And if you really want to get wild, watch them in chronological order instead of release date. Trust us, it's a game changer.

13. Plan Your Next Adventure

Retail therapy anyone? Feeling the wanderlust but can't afford to jet off on a Sunday night? Spend some time planning your next adventure, whether it's a weekend road trip or an international getaway. Research destinations, create a budget, and make a plan of action for making your travel dreams a reality. Bonus points if you start a vision board to visualize your goals and keep you motivated.

14. Send it for a Sunday Funday

Did everybody in the U.S. forget that Sunday is still part of the weekend. It's your day to enjoy. If you go to Spain, Colombia or other parts of the world, they seem to not suffer from the Sunday blues. Roll over your Friday and Saturday night fun into your Sunday evening by getting together with friends and heading out for some drinks or a late-night adventure. Sometimes all you need is a little company to turn an ordinary night into something extraordinary. After all, Monday is just another day, right? Send it.

15. Go to a Concert or Local Event

Just because it's a Sunday night doesn't mean there isn't anything going on in your town. Check out local event listings and see if there are any concerts, shows, or other activities happening that pique your interest. It's a great way to end the weekend on a high note and maybe discover something new in your community. Plus, who knows - you might even meet some new people and make some fun memories. If you're worried about Post-Concert Depression on Monday, don't worry, we got you covered and have all the tricks of the trade to overcome it.

16. Have a Beach Bonfire

If you live near a beach, take advantage of the ocean breeze and spend your Sunday night having a bonfire on the sand. Invite some friends, bring some snacks and drinks, and enjoy the sounds of waves crashing while roasting marshmallows and sharing stories around the fire. Not every beach day needs to be during the day. If you don't live by the beach search for locally permitted fire pits in your area. Just remember to clean up after yourself and be respectful of the environment.

There ya go, 8 ways to enjoy your Sunday without needing to "rest" or go to bed early. But, if you are one of those hyper successful people who wants to make Monday morning their bitch, the next list is for you.

8 Ways to Prep for Monday Morning

A Sunday Scaries monster preps for Monday morning on a Sunday evening

Now, let’s switch gears and talk about productivity. Yes, Sunday should be a day of rest or fun, but it can also be a day of preparation. Dedicating some time on Sunday evening to prepare for Monday morning can enhance your productivity for the week. Think of it as giving your future-self a head start.

17. Declutter Like Marie Kondo's Lesser-Known Cousin

Start your week like you're about to get your own reality show called "Tidying Up with You." Look around your place; if it doesn't spark joy, thank it for its service and toss it into the bin. Your Monday self will high-five you for not having to navigate a post-apocalyptic landscape just to find your keys. Decluttering the place you live will also help declutter your head, throw on some motivating music and clean-slate-it.

18. Meal Prep: Not Just for Instagram Influencers

Picture this: It’s a Sunday evening, and you’re in your kitchen, surrounded by fresh ingredients from the local farmer’s market. You’re planning your meals for the week, ensuring that you have nutritious and balanced meals to fuel your body while purging and throwing out any expired food. Creating a weekly meal plan ensures that you’re eating a variety of nutrients while also saving time and reducing stress during the week. Plus your dinner won't be pizza for 10th Sunday in a row.

19. Clear Your Inbox

Let’s face it; we all dread that Monday morning inbox. It’s like a digital avalanche that threatens to bury us under a mountain of unread emails. But what if you could start your Monday with a clean slate? Clearing your inbox for a few minutes on Sunday evening can give you just that. Dealing with your inbox on Sunday night can have several benefits:

  • It can lead to the discovery of forgotten ideas and prompt you to act on them.
  • It gives you a sense of accomplishment by identifying tasks you’ve already completed.
  • It sets you up for a productive start to the week.

21. Digital Detox, Because Social Media Said So

Turn off your gadgets and bask in the glory of not scrolling through your ex's vacation pics. Give your thumbs a break and your brain a chance to forget the horrors of your newsfeed. Besides, those emails will still ignore themselves in the morning.

22. Planning Your Week Ahead

Ever felt overwhelmed by the week ahead? You’re not alone. The good news is, planning your week in advance can help alleviate this anxiety. Creating a weekly plan on Sunday night offers a clear direction for the week’s tasks, mitigating the overwhelming feeling. This will reveal whether the week’s expectations are realistic and require adjustments to prevent workplace burnout.

23. Procrastinator? Save it for Monday Morning

If planning your week on a Sunday night gives you anxiety itself, try hitting a coffee shop Sunday morning instead and swap your worries for a well-thought-out plan.. even if that just means checking the weather forecast for the week ahead. Or, if you just want to party on Sundays and don't want to be one of those hyper-active "successful people," save it for the next day and check out these 10 Monday Tips to Kickstart Week on a Positive Note.

24. Write Down Your 'Top Three' (Because Who Can Manage More?)

Grab a fancy notebook that you bought five years ago and actually use it for once. Write down three — and only three, because who are we kidding — things you want to accomplish this week. This might be the closest we ever get to that 'successful adult' feeling, plus it sets you up for a Monday where you might, just maybe, do one productive thing before lunch.

8 Bonding Time Ideas for Sunday Evening

A monster family enjoys bonding time on a Sunday night by playing board games

After a hectic week, you might be craving some quality time with your loved ones. Sunday nights offer a unique opportunity to strengthen your relationships with family, partners and friends.

Whether it’s a fun-filled family game night, a cozy date night at home, or reconnecting with old friends, Sunday evenings can be a time for creating cherished memories and deepening bonds.

25. Unplug and Get Old-School with Game Night

Is anyone else tired and concerned with their kids being glued to their iPhones or iPads all day? I am. Break out the dusty board games and see the room ignite with competitiveness over Catan, Charades, Sequence or Monopoly. Because nothing strengthens family bonds like a feud over pretend real estate or misinterpretations of stick figures. If competitive games will make your spouse tear your hair out, have the family work as a team on a jigsaw puzzle.

26. DIY Pizza Party – Top That!

Why order pizza when you can play dough-tossing chefs in your kitchen? Everyone gets to customize their slice of happiness, and you'll quickly find out who in the family is a culinary genius and who is topping-challenged. Plus, you all get to eat your fun, culinary creation together for dinner. Pro tip: pineapple as a topping may result in a family rift.

27. Movie Marathon Under The Stars

Transform your backyard into an open-air cinema. Just hang a white sheet, get a projector, and binge-watch so-bad-they're-good movies while questioning Hollywood's standards. Don’t forget the popcorn because munching loudly is half the experience. You can even set up tents and speakers to make it a cozy and entertainment experience.

28. The Great Sunday Bake-Off

Watch one too many baking shows and suddenly everyone's a pastry chef. Whisk together some family fun with a baking competition. Revel in your inadequacy as you realize that frosting a cake isn’t as easy as it looks on TV. Bonus points for using the wrong ingredients and making something completely inedible. Just remember, you're not making this your new business (or, maybe you are?!?) the real prize is bonding (and eating the failures).

29. Wine Tasting at Home

Bring out your inner sommelier with a wine tasting session at home. Choose a few different types of wine (or grape juice for kids) and sample them together while discussing your sophisticated palates. Bonus points if you can tell the difference between a $100 and a $10 bottle of wine or come up with accurate flavor notes like “hints of grape” or “this one’s purple.” If you're not in family mode yet, invite a friend and sit around and gossip about.. well everything.

30. Date Night at Home

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to let our romantic relationships take a backseat. But dedicating Sunday night to a cozy date night at home can help you reconnect with your partner. Whether you create a candlelit atmosphere or build a fort out of pillows and blankets, these intimate moments allow you to enjoy each other’s company without distractions. The important thing is connection through one-on-one time. So next Sunday, why not schedule a cozy date night at home with bae?

31. Reconnecting with Friends

Remember that friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with but just haven’t found the time? Sunday evenings can be the perfect time to reconnect with amigos that you miss. Whether it’s over a beer at your local watering hole or through a simple text message, reaching out to an old friend can rekindle connections and bring joy. From leaving meaningful comments on their social media updates to being old school and giving them a call, there are various ways to start a conversation. And who knows, maybe that quick catch-up session might turn into a regular Sunday evening routine.

32. Spice It Up in the Bedroom (Yes... this means sex)

Sunday nights can be the perfect time to revamp your sex life. From trying new positions to indulging in some role-play, these intimate moments with your partner are sure to bring some excitement and spark back into the bedroom. Turn off those electronics, light some candles, and get creative with each other. And for all you single folks out there, self-love is just as important, so treat yourself to a steamy night in. Trust us, it's the best way to beat those Sunday Scaries and start the new week feeling confident and satisfied.

BONUS: Prioritizing Sleep on Sunday Evening

It’s no secret that a good night’s sleep is crucial for our overall health and well-being. But did you know that Sunday nights are known as the most challenging for achieving a good night’s sleep?

Many people report difficulty falling asleep on Sunday nights, mostly due to being accustomed to staying up later on Friday and Saturday nights and because of those awful Sunday Scaries.

Prioritizing sleep on Sunday nights can be a game-changer, especially if you have trouble staying awake at work on Mondays.

5 Sleep Hacks to Make the Coming Week Successful

1. Banish Blue Light Like It's an Ex You Should've Dumped Ages Ago

We all love our screens, probably more than some of our relatives, but it's time to say goodnight to those glowing little fiends at least an hour before bed. Your brain will think it's party time every time you send a late-night meme. Invest in a real alarm clock and plug your phone in another room —it’s for your own good.

2. The Sheep are Out; Bring in the White Noise

Counting sheep is so last century, and let’s be honest, it was never really a baaa-rilliant idea. Instead, soothe your overactive, busy brain with a white noise machine. This will help you relax and prevent the brain chatter from keeping you up all night.

3. Temperature Is Key—Your Bedroom Isn't a Sauna

Your body sleeps best in a cool environment, so keep your bedroom a few degrees chillier than during the day, preferably 69 degrees. Think of it as your personal igloo—minus the ice. If you’re sweating more than a nervous snowman at a beach party, it’s time to turn down the thermostat.

4. The Evening Caffeine Buzzkill

Coffee after 3 PM? That’s a rookie mistake. Lay off the lattes and anything with caffeine post-lunch to ensure your eyelids actually have a fighting chance at closing. Remember, nobody admires a twitchy, wide-eyed stare in the morning meeting.

5. Embrace the Darkness—Like a Vampire, Minus the Fangs

Light is the nemesis of sleep, so make your bedroom as dark as possible. Blackout curtains will be your best friend, turning your sleep space into a bat cave. Just remember to come out when the sun rises—you have a job, unlike nocturnal bloodsuckers.

Next Sunday, think about going to bed early and treating your body to the rest it deserves, your future self and immune system will thank you.

If you're like me and you have trouble falling asleep, try some of this sleep oil called Big Spoon which helps induce sleep and keep you slumbered throughout the night.

There you have it, 32 things to do on Sunday night with bonus tips on enhancing Sunday evening sleep. 


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