Top 29 Things to Do on a Sunday with Family

A family sets up a garage sale in their front yard showing a thing to do on a Sunday with family

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday... That magical day of the week when you can finally take a breath, stare down the barrel of the upcoming workweek, and frantically try to cram in some quality family time.

Here are the top 29 absolutely, positively, cannot-miss activities to do on a Sunday with your family. Because, honestly, who doesn't love a well-structured day of forced family fun?

1. Engage in a Sock Puppet Theatre

Transform those mismatched socks into a cast of characters and put on a show that will surely get two thumbs up from the family dog. The plot? Improvise. The budget? Minimal. The audience's patience? Questionable.

2. Backyard Camping

Pitch a tent in the backyard and enjoy all the thrills of camping without the inconvenience of actually being away from home. Plus, indoor plumbing is just a few steps away—luxury camping at its best.

3. Conduct a Kitchen Science Experiment

Create a volcano with baking soda and vinegar or make slime. It's educational, somewhat messy, and a subtle reminder of why you didn't pursue a career in science.

4. Organize a Themed Movie Marathon

Choose a theme, any theme - pirates, space, movies that make you question your life choices. Make popcorn, settle in, and then spend more time arguing about which movie to watch first than actually watching movies.

5. Attempt a World Record

Ever wondered how many cashews someone can hold in their mouth? No? Well, Sunday is the perfect day to find out. You may not make it into the record books, but you'll certainly break the record for the most bizarre family activity.

6. Construct the Ultimate Blanket Fort

Gather every blanket, pillow, and chair you can find and create a fortress of solitude. Entry is on a strict invite-only basis—passwords and secret handshakes with your kids are encouraged.

7. Have a DIY Spa Day

Cucumbers on the eyes, face masks that never do what they promise, and the inevitable nail polish fiasco. It's the thought that counts, and the thought is, "Salons are expensive." Whoever is the bread winner of the house will thank you.

8. Explore a New Park

Embark on an adventure to a park that your family has never visited before. Make it a point to ignore all the playground equipment and focus on climbing trees or playing hide and seek. Because who follows the beaten path anyway?

9. Create an Obstacle Course

Use whatever you have laying around the house to create a challenging obstacle course. Perfect for burning energy and testing your home insurance policy.

10. Bake a Mystery Cake

Put a bunch of ingredients in a bowl, don't follow any recipe, and see what happens. It’s either going to be a delicious success or a new, unidentified kitchen species. Baking with kids is an absolute, messy blast.

11. Host a Family Talent Show

Uncover hidden talents or confirm the lack thereof. Either way, it’s a great opportunity to embarrass your kids or, if the tables turn, yourself.

12. Go on a Treasure Hunt

Hide things around the house and draw a treasure map. It’s educational, fun, and teaches a valuable lesson about the futility of material pursuits.

13. Play Board Games

Dig out those games from the attic and enforce a strict "no flipping the board when you're losing" rule. See who cheats and who doesn't.

14. Have a Picnic in the Living Room

Because the great outdoors is overrated and your living room floor has that unique ambiance that just can’t be replicated. Spread out a large blanket for an easy pickup and spill prevention, bring out the food and get your grub on.

15. Craft Time

Does it matter what you create? No. Will it be messy? Yes. Will there be glitter involved? Unfortunately. Engaging in craft time with the kids gets their artistic juices flowing.

16. Visit a Museum or Zoo (Virtually)

Travel the world from the comfort of your couch. Marvel at art and animals without the hassle of crowds or that one kid who always screams for no reason.

17. Look at old Family Photos

Take out that dusty photo album from the attic and sit down with your kids. Show them pictures of their grandparents, photos of you at their age and then tell stories to them. Connecting with them on a personal level is a great way to spend a Sunday and have them learn more about you.

18. Have an Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of random objects to find around the house. It’s like finding hidden treasure, but more like finding the remote control and less gold. You can even have a prize for the winning family member, like being able to pick the movie for the movie marathon.

19. Stage a Photo Shoot

Fashion? Casual? Ridiculously themed? The sky's the limit. Revel in the absurdity and capture those perfectly imperfect family moments. You know those corny family photos where everyone is in a human triangle position? Try that and laugh.

20. Start a Family Band

Pots, pans, and a lack of musical talent shouldn't stop you from making noise—I mean, music. Discover who’s the rockstar and who’s musically challenged.

21. Play Dress Up

Rummage through the closets and put together the most outrageous outfits. It's a blend of fashion week and Halloween.

22. Write and Illustrate a Family Comic Book

Combine your storytelling and drawing skills to create the ultimate family comic book. Superpowers include making it through the day without a screen.

23. Have a Puzzle Day

Engage in the maddening challenge of putting a jigsaw puzzle together. It’s thrilling until you realize there’s one piece missing.

24. Visit a Local Farmer’s Market

Support local businesses and pick up some fresh produce. It’s a culinary adventure, and you’re the hero wielding a reusable shopping bag. Plus, all your food for the week will be healthy.

25. Start a Family Vlog

Document your Sunday shenanigans and share them with the world, or just keep them for future blackmail material. You can even work on a YouTube channel and figure out ways to monetize it so your kids get a sense of what it takes to run a business.

26. Have a Garage Sale

Speaking of entrepreneurial activities, have your kids clean out the garage, basement or attic and set all of that junk up for sale in the front yard. It will be a great way to purge items you don't need and your kids can understand the hard work behind making a couple of bucks.

27. Have a Fancy Dinner

Dress up and have a fancy dinner at home. Break out the good china for pizza night; it’ll confuse and amaze your family members. Place a single rule that there are no phones or iPads allowed at the table.

28. End the Day with Stargazing

Wrap up your action-packed Sunday by lying on the grass and stargazing. Ponder the universe, question your existence, or just look for the Big Dipper.

29. Read to your Children while High

Most Sundays adults will turn to a glass of wine to drink in front of their kids. It makes sense that you want to decompress on your Sunday, but they end up seeing this over and over again which reinforces continual imbibing.

This Sunday, try some THC gummies instead and actually be mesmerized by the children's book you read. They won't know you're high, you'll be happy, you won't smell like smoke AND you won't wake up on Monday with a hangover. If THC isn't your thing, try some CBD gummies and achieve the decompression without the psychoactive effects.

How Spending Time with Family Helps with the Sunday Scaries

A dad monster bbq's in his backyard showing family time helps with Sunday Scaries

Ah, the infamous Sunday Scaries. They creep up on you like the awkward relatives at a family reunion, reminding you of all the tasks and responsibilities awaiting you on Monday. But fear not, immersing yourself in the chaotic bliss of family time can be the perfect antidote.

Picture this: you’re surrounded by your kin, engaging in activities that range from constructing cringe-worthy fashion shows to accidentally creating a new dessert dubbed "mystery cake." Love, in its most unfiltered form, fills the room, battling the Scaries like knights in sparkling armor.

Now, on the topic of connection and quality time, spending Sundays with your family is like weaving a stronger safety net under the high-wire act of life. Through every puzzle pieced together with a triumphant "Aha!" and each spontaneous living room dance-off, you're not just passing time; you're fortifying bonds.

These bonds form the ultimate fortress against the looming dread of the workweek. It’s in these moments, amidst the laughter over a game of "Who’s the Worst Chef," that you find a deeper purpose – a reminder of what truly matters when the Sunday Scaries come knocking.

Purpose is often drowned out by the ticking of the clock, but you can find its voice in the giggles and shared whispers of a family band session gone hilariously off-key. It’s in these gatherings – be it a luxurious pillow fort soirée or a robust debate over which badly illustrated family member wins in the comic book – that we remember why we hustle through the week.

It’s not for the love of spreadsheets or the thrill of inbox zero; it's for more of these quality moments, where the only currency that matters is time spent together.

In essence, battling the Sunday Scaries isn’t about ignoring the approaching week; it’s about charging into it with the love, connection, and purpose that only a day spent in the whirlwind of family can provide.

It’s here, in this perfectly imperfect concoction of quality time, that we find our best weapon against the Scaries – the laughter-infused, love-filled, purpose-driven life jacket generously provided by our family.

If for some reason you are far from family or are not emotionally close to your family members, check out the Top 26 Things to Do on a Sunday With Friends.

The Grand Finale of Sunday Shenanigans

So we've ventured through the wilderness of Sunday activities with family, from the high arts of the couch-potato museum tours to the gourmet peaks of fancy pizza dinners served on the fine china your grandma swore was for "special occasions only."

It's been a ride, one that zigzagged between the absurdly creative to the quietly introspective moments under the stars, where we all pretended to know more constellations than we actually do.

In this eclectic mix of suggestions, the message was clear: beat the Sunday Scaries not with dread but with a hearty dose of family-induced hilarity and warmth.

It's in these shared moments of genuine, unadulterated fun that we find our armor against the week ahead. These activities, as random and silly as they may seem, are threads in the tapestry of our family life, weaving us closer together, strengthening our collective resolve against whatever Monday decides to throw our way.

And so, as we wrap up our guide to conquering the Sunday Scaries, remember this: the ultimate weapon against the dread of the upcoming week isn't found in meticulously planning every minute or dreading the inevitable.

It's found in the laughter, the connection, and the utter ridiculousness of a family band where no one knows how to play an instrument, or in the pride of serving a mystery cake that looks nothing like the picture on Pinterest.

Charge into your week powered by the joy of these moments, and remember, when next Sunday rolls around, there's a whole treasure trove of absurdity waiting to be unlocked.

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