The Sweetest CBD Candy That Will Tickle Your Tongue

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CBD Candy to help you chill out and relax
Front side of CBD Candy to keep you relaxed and calm
CBD Candy to help you chill out and relax
Back side of CBD Candy to make sure you beat the Sunday Scaries
CBD Candy to help you chill out and relax
Front side of CBD candy to keep you relaxed and calm
CBD candy to help you chill out and relax
Back side of CBD candy to make sure you beat the Sunday Scaries
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CBD Candy with a Story

The Unicorn Jerky is a party in your mouth. Made with broad spectrum CBD, our Unicorn Jerky will delight your taste buds, and give you an instant calm without any of the 420 feels. Each pack contains 10 rainbow belts that have 10 MG of CBD per belt.

With our CBD candy, your tastebuds will be thanking you, as will your anxiety levels-- but you’ll also feel better knowing that you’re making the world a better place.

Meet Julia...

Julia was an enthusiastic, theatrical, empathetic and loving girl whom we miss dearly. This year, she would have celebrated her “golden birthday”, turning 28 on May 28th. Julia had many internal struggles which she never spoke about, and we know she’s not alone.

Did you know...

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among youth, and LGBT youth are much more likely to attempt to take their own lives than heterosexual youth.

We've spent so many years mourning Julia’s death, and this year we want to do more.

Ingredients & Usage of CBD Candy

Unfortunately, unicorns might not be real, but all of our ingredients are. Everything is sourced right here in the USA with no filler ingredients–everything has its place and purpose:

  • Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

    Absolutely no THC, ever

  • Coconut Oil

    Known to provide quick energy

  • Pure Cane Sugar

    Natural sweetness that's just right

** Source:

How to use our CBD Candy

Each piece of our Unicorn Jerky CBD candy is 10 mg. Like our OG Sunday Scaries Gummies, it’s super easy to dose. We recommend you take 1 to 3 pieces every day for best results, but you’ll figure out the perfect dosage for you as you go along.

Using Unicorn Jerky is as easy as it is delicious. You simply take the dosage you want, enjoy a sweet treat, and relax. As CBD candy is an edible, it might take some time for you notice its calming effects. If you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep or calm your nerves in a hurry, you should be mindful that it can take over 30 minutes to feel its effects.

NOTE: Many of our customers report they feel the effects of our CBD quickly. With that being said it can takes more than one use to really feel the continued chill. Typically it takes 5-7 days for it to build up in your system and be effective.

If you have any health conditions or are using any medication please consult with your doctor first.


Benefits of CBD Candy

No matter which way you choose to take it, CBD can help improve your everyday life. Although most long-term studies into CBD use are still underway, research has shown that CBD can improve moods, help with sleep and anxiety, reduce pain and inflammation and give you a much-needed energy boost.

Of course, our lawyer wants us to remind you that medical decisions should be made between you and your doctor. After all, if you want to treat a medical condition with CBD, your doctor can help you make the right choice for your body much better than we can.

Why our Candy CBD?

Unlike some of our competitors which get a lot of their CBD from China and other sources with loose regulatory requirements, our CBD is sourced directly from farms in the USA and grown in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill. These farms are regulated by the states’ Agriculture Departments which requires our CBD to pesticide-free. We’re also funny, so that’s in our CBD too. Talk about a wellness hack.

Why does CBD Candy work?

Our Unicorn Jerky is a form of CBD edible. When ingested, the broad spectrum CBD will interact with our Endocannabinoid System or ECS.

The ECS is important for regulating our moods and impacts how our bodies feel every single day. This system has two receptors: CB1 and CB2, the latter of which is found mostly in the immune system and can reduce certain kinds of inflammation and pain. Research shows that CB2 may be affected in a positive way by cannabinoid type substances including CBD.

Like our fingerprints, CBD will interact with each of our endocannabinoid systems in unique ways, meaning the CBD experience will be different from one person to another.

If you know someone struggling...

Whether you partake in these chill-tastic rainbow CBD candies with us today or not, we want you to leave with one final thought.

If you know anyone who is struggling with suicidal thoughts, or feels hopeless please share The Trevor Project hotline with them.




16 reviews | 4.69 out of 5
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Delicious Candy for a Cause
Unfortunately, this product seems to be sold out. However, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed them while they were around! They taste similar to another fruity, rainbow-striped candy that is typically sold in stores, and seem to work very well albeit they are only 10 mg. For the price, combined with the money going to the Trevor Project, they are worth a try.
2 of 3 people found this review helpful.

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Tried many kinds, nothing compares to Sunday Scaries
I have tried numerous brands of CBD and have found that Sunday Scaries works the very best for me. Highly recommend and for me it helped me feel calm within 10 mins of taking.

Your rating
Tasty candy
The candy is delicious, and the dosage of one piece is just right for me (I am roughly 200 lbs).

Your rating
Good stuff
I love these. Got a bag when there was a sale and not only do they taste good, but they do help in tense moments. (I know the effect takes a bit.) The bag is nice and portable, too, which is super handy. My one gripe is they're kind of pricey for just a bag of 10. I wouldn't mind an option where you get maybe 20 in a slightly larger bag and a bit of a better price. But I'll definitely consider buying more.
2 of 3 people found this review helpful.

Your rating
Magical Rainbow Calming Goodness!
Woah. Talk about a magical product! Not only does it taste amazing, still has the same calming affect, and looks like the most enchanting rainbow unicorn road you could imagine your miniature self traveling on, BUT it also benefits the Trevor Project?! Well take me to the Wizard because these mystical jerky treats are now becoming a staple in my bag.
One person found this review helpful.

Your rating
This stuff is amazing and I highly recommend!
One person found this review helpful.

Your rating
Pleasantly surprised!
These candies are so cute! I just wish that more came in the bag. They are pretty expensive for only getting 10 pieces which for the majority of people would translate to 5 servings or maybe even less.
3 of 4 people found this review helpful.

Your rating
Tastes like candy! I have been searching for different CBD products to help me, and my search is over. I have tried the Unicorn Jerky, gummies, and CBD oil from Sunday Scaries and would recommend all of them. Great company, and I won't be buying from anyone else!

Your rating
Delicious, but Expensive
I'll always support a good cause, hence the purchase. Bit expensive for "candy".

Your rating
A great little product
This is a great way to handle the life's problems that I get on a day-to-day basis. It’s portable, and the dose is small enough That I feel a calming affect but doesn’t interfere with my day. I carry it with me wherever I go. Thank you, Sunday Scaries!
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