Sometimes, the best party is a party of one. Learn how to live for me-time and you’ll never face FOMO again.

Is everyone hanging out without you? Probably not, but it totally feels like that sometimes, right?

FOMO—Fear of Missing Out—is like living in an apartment above a bar. You can hear everyone laughing and having a great time, but you’re not part of the fun.

FOMO is scrolling social media and seeing person after person declaring last night the best night ever—then realizing you were eating pizza rolls alone on your couch while said epicness was going down. Sure, sometimes it’s just your inner party animal craving a fun night out. But other times, FOMO can make you feel guilty about spending time by yourself.

If no one has ever told you this, let us be the first: It is 100 percent a-okay to hang out alone. You know who agrees with us? Science! Yep, research has shown that there are benefits to me-time. It makes you more creative, empathetic, productive, and a better person overall. Seriously.

Trading FOMO for JOMO (the J is for “joy”) can help you relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy that awesome person looking back at you in the mirror. Ready to experience the healing powers of a day spent channeling your inner introvert?

Here are six ways to do it:

1. Kill FOMO at the source: Do a digital detox

Also known as a social media cleanse (fancy!), a digital detox can be a few hours or even a full day without your phone or your computer. If you find it hard to go even 30 minutes without checking the ‘gram, you definitely will benefit from this cleanse—no spa required.

Turn off your phone and laptop and enjoy literally anything else. You’ll discover other passions, sleep better, relax, and, best of all, you may not feel an ounce of FOMO.

2. Take a self-care day

Technically, July 24th is the official “Self-Care Day,” but why wait until then? A self-care day can be 24 hours of whatever you define as taking care of yourself.

Maybe it’s yoga and a candlelit bath. Maybe it’s a gourmet meal cooked by you, for you. Maybe it’s cracking open a book and a bottle of wine. Or hey, maybe it’s pizza delivery and an entire season of Schitt’s Creek.

Whatever makes you happy, do it.

3. Meet mother nature

We admit that the phrase “forest with no cell phone service” sounds like the beginning to a horror movie, but hear us out.

If you can’t escape the FOMO that comes from looking at Instagram, go to a place where cell phone service and nature can’t reach you: nature. Find a nearby state or national park and go for a hike, bike ride, or even a camping adventure.

4. Banish FOMO with a solo vacay

If you dig the solo camping vibes, take it to the next level by vacationing by yourself. Think of that road trip you’ve always wanted to do. You know, the one you haven’t gone on because your friends think the destination is lame or your significant other can’t get the time off from work. Go with yourself.

Crank up the music, hit the road, and live your best life with the best travel companion of all time: you. Traveling alone is bold and adventurous; it’ll increase your confidence and renew your spirit. Not only will you probably enjoy the journey to wherever you decide to go, you’ll return home rejuvenated.

5. Do nothing

It sounds easy, but doing nothing is hard for a lot of us. The world is full of so much stimuli—emails, social media blasts, text messages, news updates, podcasts—that we rarely find ourselves sitting and doing absolutely nothing. Try it right now.

It’s hard not to reach for your phone and check Twitter or that group text thread, right? It takes practice to do nothing, but it’s so worth it. Find a comfy spot in your house or outside and just chill out. Relax. Enjoy the company of just you. It might feel weird at first. But soon enough, the good vibes will sink in and leave you smiling.

6. Ready to say goodbye to FOMO? Hit up some CBD gummies!

Whether you’re a bubble bath or backyard type, the joy of spending time alone can help you relax. So can popping some tasty CBD gummies.

Just picture it: You’re in a hammock, there’s a gentle breeze and plenty of sunshine. You have a yummy CBD gummy, close your eyes, and spend the afternoon chilling out. No vibrating cell phone, no social media feed—just you, totally relaxed and enjoying your own company.

Like the sound of that? Grab some gummies (or candy or tincture)—or subscribe to ‘em and save 20%—and make it a part of your self-care routine!