Fighting The Sunday Scaries: 15 Surprising Tips

An actual burrito is wrapped in a blanket wearing a Rasta hat and drinking a glass of wine

Ah, the dreaded Sunday Scaries - that doom-filled feeling that creeps in as the weekend winds down, and Monday looms ominously on the horizon. It's like that moment just before a horror movie jump scare, but it lasts the entire day - terrifying, isn’t it?

Maybe your Sunday anxiety is fueled by the thought of the jam-packed inbox awaiting you, or the seemingly endless meetings scheduled for the week ahead. Maybe it's the sudden realization that you're yet to finish that project due tomorrow, or simply the abrupt end of weekend bliss.

But don't let your worry make you suffer.

If you're not familiar with the Sunday Scaries, check out this comprehensive guide for How to Beat the Sunday Scaries and Conquer Anxiety which provides a full breakdown for the term and healthy ways to overcome it.

But in the article ahead, we'll delve into 15 unexpected, laughter-inducing, and totally doable ways to fight off those Sunday Scaries.

We'll explore in two sections: first, we'll cover "Unconventional Ways to Fight the Sunday Scaries" (Spoiler alert: you don't need to wear pants for any of these things), and then we'll move onto "Killing your Scaries with Kindness" because sometimes, a paying a little TLC forward is all you need.

So, let's fight those weekly monsters together, in a way you'd least expect.

10 Unconventional Ways to Fight The Sunday Scaries

Most articles talk about curing your Sunday blues by practicing yoga, hitting the gym for exercise, practicing mindful meditation, writing in a gratitude journal, going for a hike, or some other mental health oriented self-care tip.

And while I agree that all of those are beneficial (and practice those myself), I also understand that having a to-do list can sometimes be left for the upcoming work week and that everyone needs a break and deserves to slack off on Sundays.

Instead of needing to have a sense of accomplishment, get rid of the Sunday Scaries with these guilty-pleasure pro tips:

A girl lays on her bed while looking at her phone and drinking a glass of wine

1. Savor a Glass of Vino

Sunday evening is meant for sipping. Enjoy a glass of your favorite wine and watch the stress melt away. Treat yourself to that bottle you've been saving for a special occasion.

Remember, the goal here is relaxation, not intoxication, so don't drink too much or your hangover will seep into the upcoming workweek. If wine isn't your thing, pick up some craft beer or make yourself an old-fashioned or a skinny margarita.

A couple wrap themselves up in a yellow blank and embrace each other

2. Embrace Blanket Burrito Mode

Wrap yourself up in your coziest blanket, transforming into the ultimate comfort creature. The world outside your blanket burrito doesn't exist – it's just you and your snuggly sanctuary.

You can stay in bed all day and do this or if you have the willpower then maybe moving to your couch is your mood.

Bonus points if you wrap the burrito with your bae, but if you're rollin' solo, don't worry, there's another tip right ahead just for you.

A couple snuggles up on the couch at night and binge watches TV together after consuming Big Spoon CBD Sleep Oil

3. Shamelessly Binge a Netflix Marathon

Now's the time to catch up on that series you've been meaning to watch. No judgments, no guilt – just you, your favorite characters, and a whole lot of popcorn, CBD gummies OR that glass of wine from tip #1.

They key is to not feel anxious or beat yourself up over doing this. You work your ass off during the work week, you're a good person and you deserve to be a bed potato.

Your workplace and the new week can wait, enjoy the day-off moment.

A girl holds a half eaten cheeseburger while drinking a bottle of beer surrounded by Sunday Scaries products

4. Order Your Favorite Cheat Day Foods

Who said cheat days can only be on Saturdays? Order in from your favorite restaurant or cook that comfort food recipe you love.

Calories don't count on Sundays and carbs are welcomed.

Save your diet for the upcoming week and remind yourself that food is delicious and you only live once.

If you partied the night before, check out this list of best foods for hangover anxiety.

A person with tattoos on their legs relaxes in a bath tub with purple water from a bath bomb

5. Have a DIY Jamaican Spa Day

Create the Irie vibes yourself, and bring the spa to you.

Light some Nag Champa incense, run a warm bath with some bubbles or a bath bomb, and play your favorite reggae music.

To increase the Marley Mood and give yourself some enjoyable bonus points, throw some legal THC gummies in the mix and you'll feel like you're floating in the clear, warm waters of the Caribbean.

A girl plays video games while wearing her pink, cat ear headset

6. Lose Yourself in a Video Game World

There's something therapeutic about immersing yourself in a virtual realm, whether you're battling mythical beasts, racing supercars, or constructing a pixelated paradise.

Choose your favorite video game and let it transport you to a world far removed from the Sunday blues, where stress is no longer present.

Join other gamers online, talk some smack, and watch your Sunday afternoon fear fizzle away.

A couple snuggles together on the couch while the guy consumes Sunday Scaries CBD oil and the girl drinking Gatorade

7. Host a Sexy and Low-Key Sunday Evening

Sunday anxiety is best fought with a significant other. If you don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend (or any friends with benefits), then it's time to fire up the dating apps and see what's out there.

Make this a fun experience, without any feelings of anxiety. It's low pressure.

And if you're not into one-night-stands or hookups, it's all good (I totally hear that), but at least you can set up a date for for the upcoming week and have something to look forward to.

A group of three girls pose in front of ships at the San Diego harbor

8. Schedule & Book your Dream Vacation

Instead of anxiously scrolling through Instagram, looking at everyone else's stunning vacation photos, why not use your Sunday night as a time to make those dreams a reality?

Start planning your next trip, schedule it, and make it happen... now.

Having something to look forward to will diminish your feelings of anxiety for the upcoming workweek. The impending doom of Monday morning doesn't stand a chance when you hold up your ticket to Mykonos.

A girl lies down on her sectional couch while watching a movie and eating a Sunday Scaries gummy

9. Watch some Retro Revival Movies

Throw it back and press play on your favorite childhood movies. Nostalgia is a powerful thing, and there's something incredibly comforting about going back to the days when life was simpler, and Sunday Scaries didn't exist.

Plus, these movies are usually funny because of how cheesy they are so that'll help you relax.

Try the Sandlot, A League of Their Own, The Goonies or Clueless.

The end of the weekend Sunday Scaries don't stand a chance up against these Sunday night historical masterpieces.

Three girlfriends sit on a rooftop and share something on their phone while sitting with their dog and drinking wine

10. Summon a Sunday Blues Shop-A-Thon

Nothing brightens my day like splurging on some stuff I don't need, but want.

Whether it's shopping for golf equipment or indulging in my sneaker obsession, I'm all about it.

For my girlfriend, it's all about makeup and clothes. Whatever floats your boat. Treat yourself to some Pro V1's, new lipstick shades, stylish outfits, or the latest wedges.

Talk yourself into some purchases that will make you happy, so those feelings of worry can disappear faster than Amazon Prime shipping.

5 Ways to Kill Your Sunday Scaries with Kindness

The tips above are definitely surprising and unconventional when it comes to fighting the Sunday Scaries, but they're also focused on self-care. A.K.A - YOU.

That's totally chill, but when we're feeling down and isolated, the simple act of spreading kindness to OTHERS can work wonders for our own well-being.

American comedian Jimmy Durante put it so simply, yet eloquently:

"Make someone happy, make just one someone happy, and you will be happy, too." 

So, let's dive into five heartwarming and mega-specific ways to cure your Sunday Scaries, while you brighten someone else's day along the way.

Two girls and one guy sit at a table conversing and drinking coffee together

11. Reach Out and Connect: Set Up a Morning Coffee

When the Sunday Scaries strike, it's so freakin' easy to withdraw and feel disconnected. You feel isolated and alone and all you want to do is hide under the covers in bed, or lift them up for that Netflix binge we talked about.

But this can also be the best time to combat those feelings by reaching out to others. Text some friends and see who's down for an impromptu coffee meetup.

You may not hit gold on the first text, so send a couple out and see who you reel in. If multiple people say yes, then boom! You got yourself a coffee clan. Humans are tribal creatures and we thrive off of engagement with each other.

When you get to the coffee shop, listen attentively to their stories, share updates from your life, and reminisce about the good times you've had together.

The warmth of human connection will remind you that you're not alone in this journey and provide a much-needed sense of belonging.

Your Scaries will diminish by the end of the buzz. 

Two volunteers donate food at a local food bank

12. Volunteer and Give Back: Help at a Local Food Bank

One of the most powerful ways to combat the Sunday Scaries is by giving back to the community. Spend some time volunteering at a local food bank.

Sorting and distributing food to those in need will not only make a positive impact but also provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Witnessing the gratitude on the faces of those you help will warm your heart and put your own worries into perspective.

The act of selflessness and kindness can be incredibly therapeutic, leaving you with a deep sense of satisfaction and joy. 

You can go to Feeding America to find your closest food bank, or easily google a local food bank and just walk right in.

The people working there will be so excited to see you and you'll probably make some solid connections, or friends. 

If the food bank is closed, or too far, gather some items that you don't need in your closet and go for a walk to find a homeless person who would consider them treasure.

Hand it to them and let them know you care. Suddenly, you'll notice the dread of the upcoming work week will be gone.

A person writes a handwritten Thank You card at their table

13. Perform Random Acts of Kindness: Surprise with Snail Mail

Surprise someone with a random act of kindness that brings back the joy of traditional communication.

No, this does not just mean firing off a text or DM and calling it a victory.

Instead, take the time to handwrite a heartfelt letter to a friend, a family member, or a colleague, expressing your appreciation for them.

If you want, get ahead of the ball and order these funny appreciation cards from Amazon.

In the digital age, receiving a personal letter is a rare and delightful experience. Your thoughtful gesture will not only brighten their day but also leave you with a warm glow knowing you've made a meaningful connection.

Once your friend or family member receives the card you will make their day, but your Sunday blues will diminish after you initially write it and send it.

It's such a small gesture that takes very little time, but goes a long way. 

A young man who is a volunteer visits a senior citizen at a nursing home

14. Brighten a Senior's Day: Share Stories and Companionship

In American culture, the elderly are often forgotten or tossed aside in a retirement home.

In Japanese culture, the elderly are very much respected for their knowledge and life experience and often stay in the homes of their children until death. 

In Japan, the younger generation bows to them in public! 

Kindness often involves being present for someone who may need a little extra care and attention, most notably, the elderly.

Seek out an opportunity to brighten a senior's day by spending time with them and sharing stories.

Whether it's an elderly family member, neighbor, or a resident at a local nursing home, your presence and companionship can make a world of difference.

Engage in meaningful conversations, ask about their life experiences, and listen attentively to their cherished memories.

Sometimes, older individuals may feel isolated and long for genuine connections.

Your genuine interest and time will not only bring joy to their hearts but also leave you with a profound sense of fulfillment and gratitude for being able to touch someone's life in a meaningful way.

Your Scaries won't matter anymore once you put this perspective in place. 

A woman with pink hair and a gummy in her mouth laughs and smiles after hearing a joke

15. Spread Smiles and Laughter: Share a "Joke of the Day"

When you wake up with the Sunday Scaries, you may look in the mirror and see a frown. A genuine smile can work miracles, not just for yourself, but for others as well.

Share smiles and laughter with those around you by starting a "Joke of the Day" tradition. Send a funny joke or a humorous meme to friends, family, or co-workers to bring some light-heartedness into their lives.

These work especially well on group threads because engagement is much higher.

If you don't have a group thread, then this is the perfect chance to start one. It will make you a leader and turn you into a beacon of connectivity. 

Embrace humor and see how it transforms your Sunday Scaries into Sunday Smiles.

Laughter is contagious, and as you spread hilarious stuff, you'll find yourself uplifted by the jubilant reaction it causes in others. 

When the Sunday Scaries strike, remember that kindness can be your superpower to overcome them.

By reaching out to others, spreading joy, and connecting with the world around you in these specific ways, you not only brighten someone else's day but also elevate your own spirits.

Promoting mental health in others promotes mental health in yourself.

Human interaction and acts of kindness are like magical potions that bring comfort, joy, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Let's fight the Sunday Scaries together. 

Preparing for Monday Morning and The Week Ahead: The Guilty Pleasures

A girl sits at a table with a bottle of Sunday Scaries CBD gummies while relaxing and drinking coffee

Manage Your Week-Ahead Schedule: Cut it in Half

One of the best ways to prepare for Monday morning is by organizing your week ahead.

However, sometimes we tend to overstuff our schedules, leading to a stressful and overwhelming start to the week.

Instead of trying to cram in as many tasks as possible, be realistic and cut your schedule in half, or as much as you can.

There's obviously work meetings or classes for school you can't eliminate, but less is more, and trust me that by saying "no" to some things it will make you feel like a boss, with less stress.

Don't let the end of the weekend dread screw up your Sunday night, spend the last hours deleting unnecessary to-do's or commitments from your calendar so you can feel good going into the new week.

Munch on Your Favorite Ice Cream or Sweet Snack

Indulge in your sweet guilty pleasures to ease into the week ahead.

Whether it's a scoop of your favorite ice cream flavor, a slice of cake, or some candy, treat yourself to something that makes you feel good. Again, screw the diet for the day.

This simple act of sweetened self-care can help alleviate any anxieties or worries you may have about the upcoming week.

So when you experience the Sunday Scaries, instead of putting focus on your job or how many hours of work you have ahead, dig into some Haagen-Dazs ice cream bars or try out our sweet and tangy rainbow bites, Unicorn Jerky. (HINT: They also help elevate your mood)

The Email Inbox Clean-Up: Trick Your Feelings of Accomplishment

The thought of going back to work or school after the weekend can be daunting, especially when you know there will be a pile of emails waiting for you Monday morning.

To ease this burden, spend some time on Sunday cleaning up your email inbox.

No, this doesn't mean tackling big projects, stirring up your co-workers' Sunday night (and causing them anxiety) or exerting a ton of focus and energy.

Instead, sort through and delete unnecessary emails and clean up your inbox so you can manage your job easier at your workplace on Monday.

Archive away and you'll feel a sense of accomplishment and reduce the performance anxiety you may feel during the workweek.

Sunday Scaries Survey Data: Why the Sunday Night Fight is Important

With the increasing prevalence of the Sunday Scaries, it's crucial to understand why tackling this phenomenon is so essential.

After surveying our customer base we found some interesting information on how weekends can get negatively affected, and Sunday surprisingly isn't the #1 culprit.

While the fight on Sunday will give you feelings of freedom, it's all in the name of not feeling anxiety the next day...

What Day does Anxiety Affect You the Most?

The answer is Monday. We surveyed over 250 Sunday Scaries customers and Monday ranked the highest out of the days, coming in at 37%.

A Google Forms screenshot of a Sunday Scaries customer survey showing how Monday is the #1 day of the week that affects their anxiety the most

Final Thoughts: Fight the Sunday Scaries With Guilty Pleasures & Kindness

In a nutshell, the Sunday Scaries are the unwelcome guest that crashes your weekend party, makes you feel anxious and ultimately detracts from your weekend.

Luckily, we've shown you surprising tips on how to fight and cure the Sunday Scaries without needing to exercise, roll out your yoga mat, eat a healthy dinner or take up meditation. Although, all those things are great Sunday Scaries killers as well.

Instead, indulge in your guilty pleasures and focus on making Sundays a stress-free day by watching your favorite childhood movies, scrolling on a dating app, and sipping on some crushed grapes.

Or, fight your anxiety on Sundays by executing simple acts of kindness for others.

Be human, have fun, don't worry, be happy.

Every week is just a cycle, so treat Sundays like they are... you're freakin' weekend, and don't let the dread of Monday push you into feelings of guilt, shame or anxiety over and over again.

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