Top 40 Things to Do on a Sunday Afternoon

Welcome to the midday helper for those battling the Sunday Scaries, or anyone with a 'snooze button is my best friend' kind of relationship with weekends.
A Sunday Scaries monster gets some fresh air and plays mini-golf showing things to do on a Sunday afternoon

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Are you wondering what to do on a Sunday afternoon? It's the day of the week that harbors the sense of wistfulness for the dying weekend and a latent existential dread ahead of the Monday grind.

But hold your horses and your stresses, we're about to turn this Sunday frown upside down – or at least give you a ton of antics to fill those hours before the sun waves its daily tata.

Here are forty fun and unique ideas to spice up your otherwise drab Sunday afternoon.

1. Invent a New Holiday

Who said holidays have to make sense? Use your Sunday smarts and create a bizarre and arbitrary celebration. It could be 'International Farmers Market Day' or 'Dozens-of-Desserts Day.' You make the rules, but if you're out of ideas check out this list of funny, random & weird holidays.

2. Learn an Internet Meme Dance

The world is 'dancing in the moonlight', and so should you, even if it's just in your own living room. Who knows when the next 'Stanky Leg' trend comes along? Spend your Sunday scrolling on TikTok so you can get some blood-pumping dance move inspiration, and then post your creation on all of your social media accounts and watch the 'likes' and 'comments' roll in.

3. Hold a Pamper Day for Your Pet

Your cuddly buddy deserves some R&R too. Whip out the pet bath bombs and set up a duo mani-pedi. This is an amazing way to spend the day with your furry loved when who you probably leave at home all alone too much.

4. Have a Netflix Roulette Night

Switch on your Netflix, dim the lights, and choose your content by shutting your eyes and clicking your remote a bunch of times... then see what you land on (no going back). It could be a hidden gem – or a total flop – but the unpredictability is half the fun. Don't waste your money at a movie theater, entertaining activities like Netflix Roulette can be done from your bedroom.

5. Try a Bizarre Food Combo

Ever put ketchup on watermelon? It's a thing. You might discover your new favorite snack or have a hilarious story to tell at your next dinner party. Hit your local farmer's market and stock up on a combo of items you're not used to buying. This idea works great with homemade pizza too.

6. Write a Letter to Your Future Self

Be a time traveler and zap a letter to future 'you'. Make predictions, set goals, and see if you've kept up. Instead of rotting away in front of your TV, spend some time in a quiet spot writing how you feel and how you want to improve. Reading this in the future will make you smile.

7. Organize a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

It's like Pokémon Go but with less screen time and more community spirit. Gone are the days when you used to play outside as a child... so let's bring it back. Spend your Sunday connecting with neighbors and get every kid on the entire block involved. You'll end up being everyone's favorite neighbor.

8. Play mini golf

If it were up to me, I'd just say "golf" in general, but if you're not a big golfer and don't want to spend your entire afternoon on the course, book some mini golf. This is one of those outdoor activities that doesn't require a ton of skill. If you want to actually get some full swings in, consider going to Top Golf, this place is awesome and they are consistently opening up new ones in cities across the U.S.

9. Perform a Random Act of Kindness

A Sunday Scaries monster performs a random act of kindness on an elevator during Sunday afternoon

Spice up someone's day. Whether it's paying it forward at the coffee shop by buying a random person an iced coffee or compliment-bombing strangers in the elevator, make kindness contagious. It could be as easy as leaving a post-it note on a neighbor's door reminding them that they're awesome. Scared of strangers? Then reach out to a family member who would LOVE to hear from you... a.k.a call Mom.

10. Create a Time Capsule

Gather some of your trinkets or inexpensive memorabilia and either lock them away or bury them in your backyard for future generations to marvel at. Think of it as a legacy, or just a secret present to the future. Consider items like concert tickets, art work from your early school years or an old necklace that used to mean something to you. You can even set a reminder to have your kid dig in that area of the garden in a couple of years and have them "magically" discover this treasure.

11. Start a Blog

This is kind of ironic, yeah? Since you're reading one. Document your Sunday adventures, deep thoughts, and daily dares. Or, maybe you have a secret desire or passion that you've always wanted to reveal. This is one of those productive things that can end up turning into a side job. And who knows, you might just be the next viral sensation among web-weary 9-to-5'ers.

12. Paint a Room in Your House

Abstract artwork can be the new in-thing in interior design. Painting is an extremely therapeutic and relaxing activity that can help liven up your living space. Breath some new life into a room in your house that needs a little love. It can also be a fun way to spend time with a loved one and is a great idea for those who want a home upgrade without needing to pay an arm and a leg.

13. Retail Therapy by Shopping Online

Monday Morning can seem scary af, and since it's the day after Saturday night, maybe you're suffering from a little hangover depression. It might be materialistic, but sometimes a little retail therapy will do just the trick in helping you forget about the week ahead and ignore the poor decisions you made the night before. You work hard for your money, every now and then it's good to splurge on shopping items that make you feel good.

14. Take a Scenic Walk in a New Neighborhood

Sometimes we live in a place for years and barely even know parts of our city or even nearby neighborhoods. Instead of making it a completely lazy Sunday, get some fresh air and take a walk in the nature. Not sure where to start, pick a local park that you haven't been to and walk to it. If you're more of a "great outdoors" person and need to stomp out some stress, check out these 10 Ways Hiking Can Boost Your Mental Health.

15. Learn a Magic Trick

Have you ever been to a bar and seen someone do magic with a deck of cards? Everyone gravitates towards them and surrounds them in awe. Abracadabra, learn something bizarre. Even if it's pulling a coin from a child's ear – which is slightly unnerving – magic puts the spark back in surprise. Spend your free time becoming a magician and see what other types of positive energy it draws into your life.

16. Re-Invent Your Dating Profile

Want to stick to indoor activities and have a lazy Sunday? No problem. If you're single, try re-inventing your dating profile by updating your bio and prompts. Upload some new photos of yourself (some with friends) and maybe even throw in one shirtless pic for all you bros out there. Spice it up and watch the matches come in.

17. Schedule a poker night

A monster schedules a poker night with human friends as a thing to do on Sunday afternoon

So this list is all about what to do on a Sunday afternoon, but guess what, poker takes HOURS to finish. Have some friends or family over this next weekend, stock up on the alcoholic beverages and play some Texas Hold'em. It's a great way to take your friends money and make fun of them at the same time. Not a gambler? No worries. Pull out some board games that take a long time, like Catan, Monopoly or Risk.

18. Read a Good Book Outside

Not all outdoor activities need to involve you working up a sweat. If it's a perfect day outside, grab a good book, find a quiet spot and sit under the shade while you listen to nature's sounds and immerse yourself into an alternative universe. This will make you feel refreshed and accomplished on a Sunday, instead of just lounging around watching crappy TV all day like a couch potato.

19. Record Silly Voice Messages for Your Top Contacts

'Whassup, mom!' in a Schwarzenegger accent or a Yoda rant; it's a digital hug of laughter for those special to you. Phone calls may be a thing of the past but voice messages are in! Everyone loves a good voice message and it's a great way to Win Friends & Influence People.

20. Make a Vision Board

During the work week you may get caught in the whirlwind of the rat race. What do you actually want out of life? Before Monday rolls around, get some magazines and cut em', stick em' to a vision board and envision your ideal future and best self. If you spend some time doing this you'll feel extremely motivated and fulfilled on Sunday evening.

21. Invite Friends over for a Movie Marathon

This is one of those ideas that is simple and easy. Sometimes you don't need to overthink on Sundays, especially if it's raining outside. Invite over your closest friends or family members, shut the curtains or blinds and watch movies all day with a movie marathon. This is a great way to spend quality time with those you love on a lazy Sunday.

22. Write a Heartfelt Hand Written Letter to Your Favorite Celebrity

This may seem creepy, but it's not. Famous people love fan mail and if you make yours unique and heartfelt you may just get a response. Maybe you have a crush on a celeb or their work has inspired you to change your life... let them know.

23. Call a Random Number and Wish Them Happy Sunday

Who knew the best friend you never knew you had was waiting at the end of a random dial? Feeling isolated? Well there are plenty of people out there who are feeling the same way. Brighten their day with a random phone call wishing them a happy Sunday evening.

24. Test-Drive a New Car

A Sunday Scaries monster books a test drive for a new car as a thing to do on Sunday afternoon

Maybe you're in the market to buy a new car... or maybe you're not... Dress fancy, head over to your local dealership and convince them you want the hottest thing on four wheels. Take it for a test drive and act like a boss as you skip around town with one of your newest Sunday activities.

25. Attempt a YouTube Makeup Tutorial

Have a bunch of important tasks to do for work... ignore them. What could go wrong? It's time to become insta-famous and record your first makeup tutorial. You may even trigger a big beauty brand to offer you an affiliate partnership or free products.

26. Re-Start your Video Game Habit

Ah, when we were young, and video games took up our entire day. Who needs fresh air when you're shooting everyone up as Oddjob in 007 or pounding them off the castle as Kirby in Super Smash Bros. That's right, pull out the vintage gaming consoles and have some fun.

27. Make a Jar of Compliments

Need an emotional crutch before the new week? Wash out that jar of old pickles in your fridge and make this Sunday the perfect day for positive self-talk. This will help you reduce stress and enter the new week feeling like the champion you are.

28. Attend a New Workout Class

Ever wanted to try yoga? Pilates? Boxing? Sometimes the gym can get boring or mundane. Step your fitness level up a notch and trying sometime fun and new. Turn a lazy day into one where you find your new workout obsession. If you suffer from gymtimidation, don't worry, we got you.

29. Curate a New Playlist on Shopify

Ever wanted to be the hero of the AUX cord? Set yourself up for success next time you have people over or when you're driving in a car packed with friends. Be prepared and become DJ of the afternoon by curating a fire playlist.

30. Re-Read Your Favorite Childhood Book

For a mood switch, or to eliminate the Sunday Scaries that often come with adulting, let nostalgia be your guide and pull out 'Where the Wild Things Are' from your bookshelf. This will bring you back to the days where work responsibilities and monthly bills didn't exist.

31. Build The Anti-Meal Prep Snack Kit

Don't let the week ahead be filled with Cheez-Its and Doritos. Meal prepping can seem exhausting as hell, but what if it just entailed chopping carrots and celery. Hit the market for some fresh produce, slice 'em and dice 'em into separate containers and prep your nutritious snacks for the week. Or, cheat and head to a local restaurant with fresh ingredients in their menu items and order enough to stash for the week.

32. Predict Your Own Future with Tarot Cards

A Sunday Scaries monster predicts his future with Tarot Cards as a thing to do on Sunday afternoon

Are you getting the Sunday Blues thinking about the week ahead? Or maybe you're questioning your future life in general? Order some Tarot Cards and execute your own reading. You'll be your own mystic vision with a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' via the shuffling of destiny.

33. Design Your Dream House for Fun

OK, maybe you won't get your Malibu Barbie beach house this lifetime but it's not a bad idea to plan ahead on Zillow and design a dream home on Pinterest. Who knows, you may trigger inspiration for an investment opportunity or get other ideas for your current home.

34. Join a Local Meet-Up Group

Sometimes you need to put technology away and connect with some humans face to face. Search for activities that interest you. It's not only great to make new friends but the networking can be beneficial for your career.

35. Declutter Your Home

Is your house looking like an episode of Hoarders? Take some time on a lazy Sunday to declutter and organize your habitat. Not only will this make it easier to find things, but also give you a sense of accomplishment and clarity for the week ahead. Plus, you may find some long lost treasures along the way.

36. Try a DIY Project

Feeling crafty? Take on a do-it-yourself project to spruce up your living space or create something unique for yourself or a loved one. Not only is it satisfying to create something with your own hands, but it can also be a fun and relaxing way to spend a Sunday.

37. Learn a New Language

Expand your knowledge and skills by dedicating some time on Sunday to learning a new language. There are plenty of online resources available, such as Duolingo or Babbel, that make it easy and convenient to learn at your own pace. Not only will this be useful for traveling, but it can also help keep your brain sharp.

38. Get Creative with Photography

Take advantage of the natural lighting and beautiful scenery on a Sunday by going out and taking some photos. Whether you use a professional camera or just your phone, experimenting with composition and lighting can be a fun and artistic way to spend your day. Plus, you'll have some great memories captured to look back on.

39. Explore Your City Like a Tourist

Sometimes we forget to appreciate the city we live in. Take a break from your usual routine and explore your hometown as if you were a tourist. Visit museums, try a delicious meal at a new restaurant, and take in the sights. You may discover hidden gems or learn something new about your city.

40. Have a Sunday Funday Minus the Hangover

Does popping bottles and drinking mimosas seem like the best remedy for the Sunday Blues or Sunday Scaries? It may sound like a fun time with friends on a Sunday afternoon, but what happens when the weekend ends and Monday rolls around? Your hangover rolls into the week as well. This Sunday, ditch the booze and chill out with some THC gummies. The world will suddenly become a happy place and anything you do on this list of ideas will be 100x funnier.

The Grand Finale

See, Sunday afternoons don't have to be the funeral march of the weekend; they can be the underrated launchpad of potential adventures.

Whether you pull out the board games or spend time with family and friends playing mini-golf, this list of ideas will always be here for you so you can have fun for the end of your weekend.

From the hiker-extraordinaire to the couch captain, there's a Sunday afternoon solution for everyone.

If it's later in the day and the sun is setting, check out these Top 32 Things to Do on a Sunday Night.

Now, go forth and conquer those Sunday Scaries.

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