What are THC Gummies Made From? All About THC Gummies Ingredients

What are THC Gummies Made From? All About THC Gummies Ingredients

You’re well aware that there’s THC in your gummies, but did you know there are actually quite a few other ingredients that go into bringing these gummies to life and delivering a delightfully tasty buzz? We’ll unpack all the common THC gummies ingredients you should be aware of. 

But, we’re also going to address one of the most common questions we get asked here at Sunday Scaries: what are THC gummies made from, hemp or marijuana? The answer may surprise you. We use full spectrum hemp as this is what allows you to legally buy THC gummies online while still getting high. 

Here’s a brief overview of all the ingredients in our gummies if you just want the quick answer:

  • 5mg Delta-9 THC
  • 25mg Full Spectrum CBD
  • 25mg L-theanine
  • Corn syrup
  • Sugar
  • Gelatin
  • Lactic acid
  • Pectin
  • Artificial flavors and colors
  • Vegetable oil
  • Carnauba wax

Learn more about the importance of quality ingredients and the measures we take to ensure you’re getting the potent, pure products you deserve below!

Overview of THC Gummies

These small, chewy treats are our personal favorite way to harness the power of cannabis. They give you a high along with a variety of other potential benefits, ranging from stress reduction to better sleep, relief from aches and pains, and a whole lot more.

From a practical perspective, the controlled dose is what makes THC gummies so much better than other methods, such as smoking or vaping. You know exactly what you’re getting in every gummy so you don't have to stress about overdosing on THC gummies.

THC gummies also provide a longer-lasting effect due to their method of consumption. So, how long do THC gummies last? The THC is absorbed through your digestive system, leading to an extended-release of effects that can last several hours.

That being said, it also takes longer for you to feel the effects of this absorption process. As far as how long for THC gummy to kick in, the initial onset of effects takes at least 30-45 minutes, with effects peaking around the 60-90 minute mark.

THC gummies are available in a myriad of flavors, dosages, and formulas, catering to a vast range of preferences and needs. Whether you prefer a light buzz or a more profound sensory experience, there’s a THC gummy out there for you.

But, this also means there’s variance in THC gummies ingredients. So, what are THC gummies made from? Let’s look at some of the common inputs and discuss the manufacturing process as a whole below so you understand exactly what you’re putting into your body.

What are THC Gummies Made From? 

So, what are THC gummies made from? We’ll look at different types of THC oil, the main THC sources, and other cannabinoids and ingredients for THC gummies.

Types of THC: Full Spectrum vs Isolate

There’s clearly THC in these gummies, but you may be surprised to learn that not all THC is created equal. There are two different forms:

  • Full Spectrum: These contain all the natural cannabinoids and terpenes found in the cannabis plant, including THC, CBD, and other minor cannabinoids along with terpenes. This allows for the “entourage effect,” where compounds work synergistically to enhance each other’s benefits.
  • Isolate: These are made from pure THC, stripped of other cannabinoids and terpenes. In theory, it sounds great - especially for users looking for targeted effects of THC without the influence of other plant compounds. 

However, we prefer full-spectrum as we wholeheartedly believe the sum of all the parts of cannabis together outperforms individual components on their own.

Why Source Matters: Hemp vs Marijuana

One of the most confusing parts of cannabis is how many different terms are thrown around - often mistakenly used interchangeably. 

There is cannabis, which describes all forms of the plant. But then there is marijuana and hemp. These are very different types of cannabis. Here’s what you need to know from a sourcing perspective:

  • Hemp-derived THC: Contains lower THC levels and is legal at the federal level across the USA thanks to the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018, provided it contains less than 0.3% THC by dry weight. 
  • Marijuana-derived THC: Usually has higher concentrations of THC and is generally used in states where recreational marijuana is legal. The source impacts the legality, potency, and accessibility of the gummies.

Here at Sunday Scaries we use full-spectrum hemp-derived oil because it allows us to legally sell the gummies to you online across all states (provided you’re of legal age to purchase THC gummies, of course). It’s also what makes flying with gummies legal.

However, you’re still getting a buzz from the gummies since we’ve infused them with a potent 5mg of delta-9 THC. But remember, THC is just the tip of the iceberg in the world of cannabinoids… 

Other Cannabinoids You’ll Often Find

There are hundreds of other cannabinoids found in full-spectrum oil, but these are some of the most common:

  • CBD (Cannabidiol): Known for its calming and potential anti-inflammatory properties, often balancing the psychoactive effects of THC.
  • CBN (Cannabinol): Valued for its potential to promote relaxation and sleep.
  • CBG (Cannabigerol): Being studied for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

More Common THC Gummies Ingredients

Beyond the basic ingredients like cannabinoids, there are so many other ingredients for THC gummies that result in that tasty, potent treat. So, what are THC gummies made from?

  • Gelatin or Pectin: Used for gelling. Pectin is a plant-based alternative that makes gummies vegan-friendly.
  • Flavorings and Colorings: Natural or artificial, these are added to enhance the sensory appeal of the gummies.
  • Sweeteners: Such as corn syrup, sugar, or natural sweeteners like stevia, used to improve taste.
  • Acids: Like citric acid, to add a tangy flavor and preserve the gummies.
  • Carrier Oils: Coconut oil or MCT oil, which help dissolve THC efficiently for consistent dosing.
  • Colorings: Either natural or artificial, to give the gummies a fun, vibrant appearance.

While these are the most common THC gummies ingredients, it’s important to note that every brand has its own unique formulation. We suggest you carefully read the ingredients label before purchasing a product so you know what you’re getting.

For example, we also include L-theanine in our delta 9 gummies for sale as it boosts the relaxing properties and helps you chill out while catching a buzz. Meanwhile, the best THC gummies for sleep may contain melatonin.

How are THC Gummies Manufactured?

Ingredients aside, we want to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how THC gummies are made, from the farm to the bottle. 

It Starts With Cultivation

The journey begins in the cannabis farms where high-quality cannabis plants are cultivated under strict environmental controls to optimize cannabinoid production. Depending on the desired product, either high-THC strains are grown or balanced strains for a combination of THC and CBD are cultivated.

Here at Sunday Scaries, we partner with KND Labs in Denver, Colorado for our raw materials. They’re an FDA-registered, cGMP, ISO 9001:2015, and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Certified supply chain partner of CBD ingredients for global consumer products.

In other words, you can rest assured you’re getting the good stuff when you shop with us.

The unfortunate reality is that most manufacturers source their hemp from China, which exposes the end user to pesticides and heavy metals given the lower quality standards abroad.

The raw product itself goes through its own testing process before we even consider using it in our gummies. This tests its potency and purity.

Extraction Process

After the hemp is harvested the flowers are then put through a stringent extraction process to pull out the full-spectrum oil - which includes cannabinoids like THC and CBD along with other compounds. There are two different methods of extraction you’ll commonly see used:

  • CO2 Extraction: Pressurized carbon dioxide pulls cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds from the plant material. It’s highly effective and leaves no toxic residues, making it popular for producing clean, high-quality extracts.
  • Ethanol Extraction: This is a solvent that washes out and extracts the cannabinoids. While effective, it requires additional steps to ensure all solvent residues are removed from the final product.

Mixing and Molding

The extracted cannabinoids are then infused into a gummy base made from ingredients like gelatin or pectin (for vegan options), flavors, and sweeteners. 

The mixture is heated and stirred to ensure an even distribution of THC throughout the batch. After achieving a homogeneous mixture, it is poured into molds to set into the classic gummy shapes.

Quality Control and Lab Testing

Every batch of THC gummies undergoes strict quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process. 

After molding, samples from each batch are sent to third-party laboratories for testing. These tests verify the potency of THC, check for the presence of contaminants like pesticides or heavy metals, and ensure compliance with legal standards on THC content.

The final products are then packaged in child-resistant containers, clearly labeled with their THC content and other relevant information, so you’re fully informed about what you’re purchasing.

Not all brands uphold the same standards in their THC gummies ingredients or in the manufacturing process as a whole, cutting corners in cultivation, extraction, mixing, and QA. That's why we encourage you to shop with peace of mind today at Sunday Scaries.

Spoil Yourself With THC Gummies Made From Premium Grade Hemp at Sunday Scaries!

Whether you’re looking for the best THC gummies for pain, stress, or simply to catch a buzz and tune out the chaos of the outside world for a while, you can rest assured you’re getting the safe, effective solution you deserve at Sunday Scaries. This is true of our CBD gummy vs THC gummy products alike.

We’re passionate about helping people live healthier, happier lives by harnessing the power of cannabis. In fact, our brand was born with the mission of vanquishing the Sunday scaries - that dreaded feeling of having to deal with life again after avoiding stressors for the whole weekend.

All our ingredients for THC gummies are responsibly sourced, from the raw material itself to the rest of the inputs that make our products taste so great and work so well. You’ll also enjoy the lowest THC gummies price per serving at just $.065 per milligram of THC!

With a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee, you can place your order with confidence today. See what the hype’s all about and put the scaries in the past today!

Bringing Our THC Gummies Ingredients Guide to a Close

So, what are THC gummies made from? We hope this THC gummies ingredients guide has left you with clarity on not just the main inputs like cannabinoids, but other components like L-theanine, food-grade ingredients, and more.

But beyond the ingredients themselves, source plays a pivotal role in quality and safety. That’s why an understanding of how these gummies are brought to life is just as important as what’s in them. For the most potent, pure products online, look no further than Sunday Scaries.

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Remember, Sunday Scaries is committed to transparency and your wellness, and we work diligently to ensure every gummy offers not just relaxation but safety. So, dive into a world of calm and start living a Scarefree life today!

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