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Make Life A Little
More Chill With CBD

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Full spectrum CBD products such as CBD Gummies, Vegan CBD Gummies, and CBD Tincture that are made by Sunday Scaries
A full spectrum CBD user who is struggling with anxiety and depression
  • Eliminate your moral hangover
  • Stop being on-edge unnecessarily
  • Be proud of yourself (you rock!)
  • NamaStay chill and give good vibes
  • Don’t feel so antsy all the time

Okay, so we’re called Sunday Scaries, but we have a sneaky suspicion you experience life’s problems on other days of the week too. Monday making you want to hide under the covers and binge watch Friends? Beating yourself up over tasks you (still) haven’t ticked off the to-do list this week? Worrying about your kiddo’s first day at school, or cringe sweating trying to remember what happened last night. Fear not friend.

Our broad spectrum CBD products are 100% ready for daily use, or whenever you need to take the edge off, chill yourself out, or endure lunch with your extended family.

Here's why you need Sunday Scaries full spectrum CBD in your life today
Why you need our CBD
in your life

Sunday Scaries products are made with the highest quality broad spectrum CBD sourced directly from family-owned hemp farms in Colorado. There’s no THC in our products, so while you may experience a mild and calming euphoria, you won’t get high.

Side effects include: feeling at your best, being super-focused, and taking on the day with zero f*cks. Click here for the full breakdown on what is CBD.

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Packed with safe, natural ingredients

Quality over profits always every day all day. Every ingredient is sourced here in the good old USA from family-owned farms.

Full spectrum CBD oil used to make Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies, Vegan CBD Gummies, and CBD Tincture

Broad Spectrum CBD

That means absolutely no THC, ever

Full spectrum CBD made with Vitamin B12 by Sunday Scaries

Vitamin B12

Known to regulate your nervous system

Full spectrum CBD made with Vitamin D3 by Sunday Scaries

Vitamin D3

Believed to boost your immune system

Full spectrum CBD made with coconut oil by Sunday Scaries

Coconut Oil

May provide quick feelings of energy

Full spectrum CBD made with organic stevia by Sunday Scaries

Organic Stevia

Full of sweetness without sugar


Not just for chillin' out. (Or Sundays.)

Why do people take Sunday Scaries broad spectrum CBD? For so many great reasons.

Sunday Scaries full spectrum CBD oil for pain management


Sunday Scaries full spectrum CBD oil for anxiety


Sunday Scaries full spectrum CBD oil for sleep problems

Sleep Problems

Sunday Scaries full spectrum CBD oil for depression


Sunday Scaries full spectrum CBD oil for inflammation


Sunday Scaries full spectrum CBD oil for general wellness


Sunday Scaries full spectrum CBD oil for skin problems

Skin Health

Sunday Scaries full spectrum CBD oil for nausea


" Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies Help Me Chill the F+++ Out" and "A gummy a day keeps the Sunday Scaries away. "


Broad Spectrum CBD

Replace “FML” with our broad spectrum CBD and get your chill on 20 minutes later.

Browse bulk CBD gummies and other CBD products hand picked by our team.  Buy more and save with our product bundles.

CBD Bundles

Bundles designed for the Sunday Scaries CBD enthusiast who just can't get enough.

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Full Spectrum CBD Gummies made by Sunday Scaries

CBD Gummies

Meet the OG gummy bear. Designed to support your relaxation. Each bear has 10 MG of CBD.

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Full Spectrum Vegan CBD Gummies manufactured by Sunday Scaries

Vegan Gummies

100% of the goodness of our OG CBD gummies but with 100% vegan ingredients (no gelatin)!

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Full Spectrum CBD Tincture produced by Sunday Scaries


Perfect for conditions that need a stronger dose of CBD. Each bottle has 500 MG of CBD.

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CBD Candy

CBD Candy

These sweet rainbow CBD candy strips are a party in your mouth without the 420 feels.

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Full Spectrum CBD Energy manufactured by Sunday Scaries


One shot of our broad spectrum CBD potion gives you the alertness of coffee, without the jitters.

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Bath Bombs manufactured by Sunday Scaries


Sometimes a shower won't cut it, but our 50 MG of CBD will do the trick.

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Chillax Or Your Money Back

Try our broad spectrum CBD products for 30 days, risk free. If Sunday Scaries aren't doing the trick, we'll give you a 100% refund with no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sunday Scaries CBD
Unlike some of our competitors who get a lot of their CBD from China and other sources with loose regulatory requirements, our CBD is sourced directly from farms in the USA and grown in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill. These farms are regulated by the states’ Agriculture Departments. This requires our CBD to be clean and pesticide free.
Our broad spectrum CBD is sourced from farms that use best practice processes and are pesticide free. So our Vegan CBD Gummies and other products aren’t like McDonald’s cheeseburgers. They won’t live forever. However, if you store them correctly, they will last for up to 1 year.

But be honest, you will probably use your bottle before the month is up!
Many of our customers say our CBD Gummies and CBD Tincture work within 5-minutes. It’s kind of crazy how quickly they work. With that being said, our customers have also told us, our product is more effective when you take them regularly. They are sort of like exercise or meditation. To get the most out of it, you have to make it a consistent practice.

We recommend you take one of our products every day for 30-days. From there you can take them as needed.
No, no and no. There is no THC in our product. You might get high on life though. Our product can change your life in a very positive way. CBD has so many positive attributes and will truly help you overcome those dreadful Sunday Scaries.

More questions?

Ask Away
A full spectrum CBD user who is struggling with anxiety and depression

What are Sunday Scaries?

You know that ping you feel in the pit of your stomach on Sunday around 6 p.m. when you realize tomorrow is Monday and you have to return to the reality of your 9-5, your inbox, or school? Yeah, that’s Sunday Scaries. But there is a way to make them go away...

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Instant giggle RX on Instagram.

Less trying to impress, more laughing. See for yourself.

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