One of the symptoms of having a hangover the night after drinking is depression. This is due to the alcohol’s effect on your brain and how the alcohol has lowered your serotonin levels. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for your sleep and more importantly, your mood. When there is less serotonin in your brain, you don’t feel as good about yourself as you normally would. This means that you can feel depressed while your body is still trying to clean all of alcohol’s toxins out of your body. This is exactly what hangover depression is. Those feelings of no self-worth while you are hung over.

If you are suffering from hangover depression, all is not lost. There are actually several different things that you can do to help get rid of your hangover blues and have you feeling like yourself again.


sleeping at night

There is one cure that works well for any type of hangover depression and any other hangover symptoms as well, sleep. If you are feeling depressed and like trash, the chances are that your body is tired. Be sure to rest more than you normally would and give your body and mood a chance to recover from the night before. You can turn off your phone, email, computer, and Facebook, close the blinds and just get some good old’ fashioned rest. Just lie in bed, let your eyes close and get the sleep that you need.


When you are experiencing hangover depression, it is largely due in part to the fact that you are dehydrated. Alcohol causes your body to go into a state of dehydration. When you are dehydrated, it makes your feelings of hangover depression even worse. Do yourself a favor and drink some water. In fact, a better choice than water is to drink something that is packed full of electrolytes such as Gatorade, coconut water, Powerade or even some type of vitamin water.

Get Some Fresh Air

How to Cure Hangover Depression

There is nothing better for curing a hangover depression than some fresh air. When was the last time you were able to go outside and get fresh air without any type of distractions for longer than a few minutes? Turn your phone off and get some of that fresh air that’s floating around out there. The fresh air will not only help to wake you up and feel better, but it can also help relax your mind as well. Once you have relaxed a little, you will then be able to lower your anxiety and stress levels as well.

Mindless Consumption

What works better to help you get out of that depressed feeling than binge-watching 12 hours of your favorite show on Netflix? While it doesn’t have to be a movie or television show, doing something that will provide some mindless time consumption is a great way to get over that hangover depression.

Nourishment….Greasy Nourishment

It’s no big secret. When you are feeling hung over and depressed, you need some greasy nourishment to pick you up out of the dumps and take you back to your regular self. For whatever reason, hangover depression simply demands that you eat your favorite foods you know you shouldn’t be eating. Not only will you feel happier, but it will also help to alleviate the symptoms of your hangover as well. And on top of that, you’ll be giving yourself the extra energy that you need to do something that makes you happy, thus lessening your hangover depression even more. It’s almost like a win-win.

Get Something Delivered

buying something online


Ask any women ever, one of the best cures for when you are feeling down on yourself or depressed is to go shopping. While you don’t need to drag your hungover self to the mall to try on some new shoes, you can simply go online and order some of the stuff you have wanted for a while but just couldn’t bring yourself to order. This will definitely pick up your mood and help get you excited. Plus, it’s hard to stay depressed when you know you have some cool new stuff coming your way in the next few days.

Talk It Out

If you are experiencing hangover depression, simply call up a friend and talk it out. What is making you feel so down? Why is it making you feel so depressed? Is it really worth being depressed about? By talking about whatever it is that’s making you feel depressed, you will be able to figure out if it’s even worth being depressed about. This is actually one of the tricks used by expensive therapists when they are treating depressed clients. If it works for them, it can work for you too.

Take a Relaxing Shower

How to Cure Hangover Depression

If you are feeling depressed and you can’t seem to shake it, maybe it’s time to wash it away. Go and take a nice, warm, relaxing shower to help calm you down and freshen you up. You would be surprised how refreshing and rejuvenating a nice, hot shower can make you feel. In fact, the longer the shower you can take, the better. Studies have actually shown taking long showers are one of the best ways to wash away hangover depression. All right, so that last part wasn’t true, but a shower will help you to wash away that hangover depression.

Touch Yourself

Taking care of your primal needs is crucial to help bring you out of a depressed state. Plus, it will help you feel good.

When you are experiencing hangover depression, it can become difficult to get motivated to do anything. But by following some simple tips, you will be able to shake the hangover blues and get back to being yourself. And on top of that, it will also help you to get past your hangover as well. Just be sure that you don’t do anything and wallow in your depressed thoughts and feelings of inferiority. If you do this, your hangover depression will only get worse can possibly lead to even worse depression. So, try your hardest to fight the temptation of doing nothing, and you’ll be back to yourself in no time.

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  1. Good sleep is able to help almost any case no matter how bad it is, a night of good sleep is always helpful, it helps the body to rest and regain it’s lost power during the day.

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