Like with medical marijuana, both Hemp oil and CBD oil have grown in popularity in recent years. They both have their own unique benefits and can do a lot for our body when consumed.

The confusion often comes from the fact that these are both derived from the same cannabis plant, Cannabis sativa and many people can assume that they are the same thing. If you are new to these products, then knowing the difference between CBD and hemp oil can be confusing—so we’ve simplified with this article.

Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil Now

Hemp oil comes from the Cannabis sativa plant. This hemp plant is extremely versatile and used for all sorts of things around the world. In terms of their effects on the human brain, they contain very low levels of THC and CBD.

Like with medical marijuana, industrial hemp, and cannabis oil, hemp oil and hemp seed oil derived from the plant. It is extracted from the plant’s seeds through a pressing method similar to how olive oil is made. There is virtually no THC in the product so the oil does not have this psychoactive substance. Any trace of this is too low for it to have a psychoactive effect on the brain. The manufacturing process means that a fraction of a percent may remain but not enough for it to have an impact.

The testing and labeling required in these products mean the information needs to be provided regarding how much THC or CBD is in them. It is always worth checking if you are concerned.

So, what good is hemp oil? If CBD and THC aren’t having an impact, why do people continue to purchase it?

Hemp oil contains a lot of things that are good for us. Including potassium, magnesium, omega-3 and omega-6 and vitamins including B1 and B2. The nutritional benefits are clear to see and while they are still being studied, anecdotal evidence suggests that it can provide nutrition, increase skin health, help protect your immune system and prevent numerous diseases. Many people purchase hemp oil as a supplement for one or for many of these things.

With no real risk behind the use of hemp oil and plenty of evidence for its nutritional value and the fact that it helps our systems, you can see why it is a popular supplemental product.

The amazing levels of magnesium and phosphorous means that many people use the product to ensure they are getting enough of these in their diet. Diet is the key word here and hemp oil is a dietary product rather than a medicinal product.

Hemp oil has industrial uses too. It is often used in the manufacture of cosmetic products, plastics, paint, and some types of fuel. Hemp’s versatility has led to many people describing it as a magic plant. Perhaps the reason it has not seen such wide use in history is the fact that it has such ties with cannabis, a product which many people tend to have an inherent distrust of.


CBD Oil now

CBD oil is made using solvent extraction. This is a process which uses solvents to separate cannabinoids from the Cannabis sativa plant. This can be done using alcohol or butane. The process is perfectly safe. The solvent is evaporated after the process and, therefore, what is left behind is CBD oil.

CBD oil has totally different uses to hemp oil. The product created is totally different. The main difference you would say, in terms of usage, is the fact that hemp oil is treated as a nutritional, supplement product, whereas people are using CBD oil as a medicinal product.

Its use is still the cause of some debate but there is plenty of evidence of CBD oil doing a lot of people good in a huge variety of ways. Many people use it as an all-around boost for your nervous system and immune system health. Others use it to specifically target a specific ailment.

Benefits of CBD oil have seen it used to treat high blood sugar, nervous system issues, depression and anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain and inflammation, and a variety of other issues. These are not the benefits we tend to see with hemp oil.

Though CBD does not have THC in it either, or certainly not enough to have any impact on an adult human body, it has more of an impact on the brain than any hemp-based product can. CBD has the power to influence our mind and has natural calming effects and anti-depressant effects as well as being good for our body.

Can Hemp Oil and CBD Oil Be Used Together?

Hemp oil vs cbd oil difference

The benefits of both hemp oil and CBD oil mean there is no problem at all using them both together. In spite of similar origins, they are two very different products as we’ve established. People tend to be targeting one individual issue with their use of CBD oil.

If you are looking to treat one specific issue then using both probably won’t help, it certainly won’t amplify the effects. The key is establishing which of the two you need and which is recommended for your specific issue.

Conclusion About Hemp Oil Vs. CBD Oil

CBD Oil Conclusion

A simplified way of differentiating the two is to say that CBD oil has been made with both the brain and body in mind and the benefits of it are usually based on more cerebral elements of human health as well as our bodies. CBD oil is an amazing treatment for depression and anxiety as well as having benefits on the nervous system, inflammation, and other physical issues.

Hemp oil does not directly address anything to do with our mental health. It is a dietary product and as such tends to have its direct influence on things which can be affected by our diet.

In terms of the production, CBD oil comes from cannabis plants that have grown and then been processed. Hemp oil and hemp oil products are made from the processed seeds of the cannabis family of plants.