CBN Oil for Sleep: How It Helps

A couple uses CBN oil for sleep in bed showing how it helps

Need better sleep? CBN oil is touted for its calming effects. This article cuts through the hype to offer you a research-focused look at CBN oil for sleep, helping you make an informed decision about its use in your nightly routine.

Key Takeaways

  • CBN oil is derived from the cannabis plant and offers potential sleep benefits without intoxication, as it interacts with the endocannabinoid system but is minimally psychoactive compared to THC.
  • Preliminary research and anecdotal evidence suggest that CBN oil can assist with sleep by helping users fall asleep faster and improve sleep quality; it might work better when combined with other cannabinoids due to the ‘entourage effect’.
  • Users should approach CBN oil with caution due to the potential for drowsiness, sedation, and interactions with other medications.
  • Quality should be verified via third-party lab reports.

Understanding CBN Oil: A Sleep Aid Alternative

Cannabinol (CBN) is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis sativa plant, and CBN oil is a compound derived from this cannabis plant material.

Unlike THC, a well-known psychoactive compound in cannabis, CBN does not cause intoxication. As one of the many cannabis products available, CBN oil offers potential benefits without the psychoactive effects.

In fact, it’s produced as THC degrades over time, a process expedited by factors such as exposure to heat, air, and light.

The Science Behind CBN

The endocannabinoid system plays a crucial role in regulating a variety of body functions, which include appetite, pain sensation, pain management, and immune response. As a cannabinoid, CBN interacts with this system, which is implicated in the regulation of sleep.

This interaction with the endocannabinoid system contributes to CBN’s sleep-promoting properties. However, it’s important to note that more research is needed to fully understand these effects and their implications.


When we compare CBN to other popular cannabinoids, such as CBD and THC, some distinct differences emerge. CBN is deemed minimally psychoactive compared to its non-psychoactive counterpart CBD, and unlike THC, CBN does not cause a typical ‘high’ as it is a byproduct of THC degradation.

This means that while THC can result in feelings of euphoria, CBN primarily offers potential health benefits without the buzz. This makes CBN oil a potentially attractive option for those seeking the benefits of cannabinoids without feeling inebriated.

The Benefits of CBN Oil for Sleep

CBN oil is gaining popularity as a sleep aid, particularly for its reported effects on promoting deep sleep and reducing anxiety, although, more scientific evidence is underway.

Preliminary research and user testimonials suggest that CBN oil helps alleviate sleep issues, helping to calm the mind down, relax the body and trigger quality REM sleep.

CBN oil induces sleepiness and is often combined with other sleep aids like chamomile, lemon balm and valerian root enhanced effects.

However, it’s important to remember that individual responses may vary, and what works for one person may not work for another.

Promoting Restful Sleep

Anecdotal evidence shows that CBN oil may help users with:

  • Inducing sleep, falling asleep faster
  • Improving sleep quality, promoting uninterrupted slumber
  • Calming the mind, reducing mind chatter
  • Waking up well rested and non-groggy

Some users report that CBN oil assists in triggering a deeper sleep, while others attribute CBN products with helping to calm the mind and facilitate easier onset of sleep.

CBN products, like CBN + CBD Sleep Oil, have significantly aided some users in achieving better sleep, even without the aid of other sleep aids.

Synergistic Effects with Other Cannabinoids

Research has shown that combining CBN with other cannabinoids such as CBD or THC may amplify its sleep-inducing effects due to what is known as the ‘entourage effect’. This suggests that the cannabinoids work together to enhance the effects of each other.

Think of CBN and CBD as the superhero team of the cannabinoid world, similar to Batman and Robin, coming to the rescue against insomnia and restlessness.

CBN plays the role of the silent hero that helps you fall asleep, while CBD acts as the supportive partner, easing anxiety and inflammation to prepare you for rest.

Together, they're like the perfect combo for your nighttime routine, enhancing each other's effects.

Research indicates that CBD's properties for reducing stress and soothing body aches perfectly complement CBN's ability to induce and improve sleep, making it easier for you to fall asleep without the need for counting sheep or relying on herbal remedies.

Studies and anecdotal evidence suggest that CBN may induce drowsiness more effectively when used in conjunction with THC, and consumers have reported enhanced relaxation and sleep quality with such combinations.

Current research into cannabinoid therapies for sleep disorders indicates that the use of multi-ingredient supplements, which may include CBN along with other compounds from the cannabis plant, could offer enhanced sleep benefits.

However, it’s worth noting that while taking CBN in combination with CBD may increase drowsiness, there is also a consideration for possible drug interactions when CBN is used alongside other sedatives.

This emphasizes the importance of consulting a healthcare professional before introducing CBN oil to your sleep routine if you are taking pharmaceuticals or have pre-existing health conditions.

Cautions and Considerations: Risks of Using CBN Oil

While the potential benefits of CBN oil for sleep are promising, it’s also crucial to consider the potential risks.

Using CBN oil for sleep can result in side effects like drowsiness and sedation. While the sedative effect of CBN might be beneficial for users seeking sleep aid, it is considered a risk if CBN is not being used for intentional sedation.

Moreover, a drug test could inadvertently lead to failed results due to the presence of CBN oil, potentially causing workplace issues or legal complications. Therefore, it’s important to be fully informed about the potential risks and side effects before starting any new supplement, including CBN oil.

Limited Research and Clinical Trials

The scarcity of scientific research on CBN, especially concerning human clinical trials, limits understanding of its full effects and safety profile.

While CBN was the first cannabinoid isolated, there is a significant lack of contemporary research on its effects, with much of the existing research on CBN and sleep dating back several decades to the 1970s and 1980s.

Anecdotal evidence overwhelmingly suggest that CBN oil aids in restful sleep, with positive customer feedback.

It is generally regarded as safe, yet due to insufficient evidence from limited research, there are no concrete guidelines to inform proper dosing of CBN products for this purpose.

This underlines the need for more research and clinical studies to validate the anecdotal claims and provide users with accurate information on dosage and safety.

Possible Side Effects and Interactions

CBN oil is known to potentially cause the following side effects:

  • Drowsiness
  • Sedation
  • Changes in appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Upset stomach

Side effects such as drowsiness have been reported by verified buyers on sleep supplements containing cannabinoids, but none of the side effects were serious and most of the time this is the intended affect.

However, currently, there is insufficient data available to conclusively discuss the potential interactions between CBN oil and medications.

This highlights the importance of consulting a doctor, before starting a CBN oil regimen, particularly for individuals with pre-existing conditions or those taking other medications.

How to Choose and Use CBN Oil Products

When it comes to choosing CBN oil products, it’s important to check third-party lab reports to ensure the quality and potency of the products.

Prospective buyers should always request to see test results, such as certificates of analysis, to ensure product quality and potency. Conducting thorough CBN research can help buyers make informed decisions.

For sleep improvement using CBN oil or CBD gummies, a starting dosage between 20 mg to 50 mg is recommended, with gradual adjustments based on individual responses.

This highlights the need for personalization when it comes to using CBN oil for sleep, as the ideal dosage may vary from person to person.

Check out this article called How Much CBD Oil to Take for Sleep for a comprehensive guide that is perfect for CBN beginners.

Types of CBN Oil Products

CBN is available in various forms tailored to consumer preferences and needs. The primary forms of CBN oil products include oils or tinctures, gummies, and capsules.

These forms are increasingly introduced by companies as sleep aids. Each of these offers a unique way to incorporate CBN into your sleep routine, allowing you to choose the option that best fits your lifestyle and preferences:

  • CBN oil tinctures
  • CBN capsules
  • CBN gummies
  • CBN-infused sleep masks
  • CBN-infused bath bombs

The best CBN oil for sleep product is in tincture form, due to the following reasons:

  1. With the pipette (or dropper), you have independent access to dosing so you can scale up or down according to your personal preference.
  1. The absorption rate is higher than other CBD edible products enhanced with CBN since the oil is absorbed sublingually in the mucous membrane instead of entering the digestive system.
  1. They usually contain little to no sugar or other additives that can disrupt your sleep patterns.

Dosage and Usage Tips

A starting dosage of CBN oil for sleep support is generally between 20-50mg, with an advised initial dose for new users of around 10-15mg before bedtime. Individuals should consider factors such as body weight, personal tolerance, and the specific CBN product when determining the appropriate dosage.

If you're a beginner, check out this article on How to Use CBD Oil for Sleep which contains a step-by-step guide on CBD + CBN enhanced sleep oil usage.

Maintaining a log or sleep journal can be beneficial for finding the optimal dosage as CBN affects individuals differently.

To avoid side effects like grogginess, it is recommended to stay under a 20mg dose of CBN, adjusting the dosage based on the quality of sleep and reactions noted over time.

CBN oil should be taken between 30 and 60 minutes before bedtime depending on your body weight.

To discover the optimal timing, check out this article titled When to Take CBD Oil for Sleep which includes a chart of how long it takes to kick in by weight.

Drop the oil under the tongue for 15–20 seconds to allow absorption through the microcapillaries.

Consistency is key with CBN oil usage, and it can take up to three weeks for the body to adjust and experience the full benefits.

When to Consult with a Medical Professional

Consulting a doctor is vital when selecting CBN oil for sleep to ensure guidance on reputable products and safe dosing if you are taking medication or are considered 'elderly'.

Healthcare professionals should be consulted to discuss potential medication interactions when using CBN, particularly when taking treatments for chronic pain, sleep disorders, or other serious health conditions.

Individual needs, such as pre-existing health conditions, should be evaluated by a healthcare provider before using CBN for sleep to determine its appropriateness.

A medical professional can diagnose if sleep issues stem from a disorder or another health condition, facilitating tests to prescribe the proper treatment.

Moreover, healthcare providers can educate on the risks of mixing CBN with other substances that promote sleep, which may lead to excessive sleepiness and other complications.

Where to Purchase Quality CBN Oil Products

Quality CBN products can be found through popular CBD brands, like Sunday Scaries. These products, including those with high potency, can be conveniently purchased online, shipped across state lines and may come with the option of free shipping if purchased on a subscription model.

However, it’s essential to check the Certificates of Analysis to understand the quality and purity contained in CBN oil products, as these aspects can differ significantly among brands. This can help ensure that you’re purchasing a product that is safe, effective, and of the highest quality.

Real-Life Experiences: Testimonials and Reviews

CBN oil users have reported improved sleep quality, indicating positive experiences with its use as a sleep aid. Users have reported effects such as:

  • Falling asleep faster
  • Experiencing deeper sleep
  • Alleviating insomnia symptoms
  • Making waking up in the middle of the night less frequent

These effects contribute to ensuring a restful night’s sleep, and support uninterrupted sleep, which is essential for those who might be dealing with a sleep disorder.

The effects of CBN oil on sleep can vary from person to person, with experiences ranging from significant benefits to no effects.

Here is a review from a verified buyer of Big Spoon, our CBD + CBN sleep oil:

"I must say that Sunday Scaries CBN+CBD Sleep Oil does the trick for me. So far, it is one of the best products I have found to assure a long, deep & relaxed sleep. I have tried many others, but none compare to Sunday Scaries' sleep oil. I almost want to give a shout out to the customer service department. Though you CANNOT reach a person by phone, they do respond via email & work to resolve any issues you might be having."

- Pat G.


CBN oil offers promising potential as a sleep aid, with many users reporting improved sleep quality.

However, it’s crucial to remember that individual responses may vary, and what works for one person may not work for another.

Limited research exists on CBN oil, and while anecdotal evidence suggests potential benefits, more scientific studies are needed to confirm its effectiveness and safety.

Before incorporating CBN oil into your sleep routine, it’s highly recommended to consult with a healthcare professional if you take other medication or have pre-existing conditions.

They can provide guidance on dosage, potential side effects, and interactions with other medications.

With proper use and medical guidance, CBN oil could potentially be a beneficial addition to your sleep routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBN oil?

CBN oil is a non-intoxicating compound derived from the cannabis plant, produced as THC degrades over time.

Can CBN oil be used as a sleep aid?

Yes, CBN oil is gaining popularity as a potential sleep aid due to its reported effects on promoting deep sleep and reducing anxiety. However, more research is needed to confirm its effectiveness.

Are there any side effects of using CBN oil?

Yes, CBN oil can have potential side effects such as drowsiness, sedation, changes in appetite, diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, and upset stomach. Be aware of these potential effects before using it.

How can I choose quality CBN oil products?

To choose quality CBN oil products, make sure to check third-party lab reports for product quality and potency, and consider factors like dosage and product type.

Should I consult a doctor before using CBN oil for sleep?

Yes, it's crucial to consult a healthcare professional before using CBN oil for sleep if you are taking pharmaceuticals or have pre-existing conditions to ensure safe and effective usage.

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