90 Things to Do on a Lazy Sunday

A monster hits the snooze button on his alarm clock showing a thing to do on a lazy Sunday

Because, honestly, who actually wants to climb a mountain or learn a new language on their day off?

Here’s to celebrating the art of doing absolutely as little as possible, but with flair, with 90 things to do on a lazy Sunday.

1. Hit the Snooze Button & Sleep In

2. Indulge in a Big Brunch

3. Binge-watch Your Favorite TV Show

4. Have a Movie Marathon

5. Take a Nap (or Two)

6. Stay in Your Pajamas All Day Long

7. Order Takeout & Treat Yourself to Some Delicious Food

8. Spend Quality Time with Your Pet (or Borrow One from a Friend)

9. Browse the Internet for Hours on End

10. Read a Book (or Two… or Three)

11. Write in Your Journal

12. Take a Bubble Bath & Relax

13. Do Absolutely Nothing and Proudly Own It

14. Listen to Your Favorite Songs on Repeat

15. Play Board Games or Video Games

16. Get Creative & Paint, Draw, or Write Something

17. Scroll Through Social Media & Laugh at Memes

18. Go Window Shopping Online

19. Make a Gratitude List

20. Practice Yoga or Meditation for Some Zen Time

21. Sit Outside & Listen to Nature

22. Call or Video Chat with Friends and Family

23. Do Some Light Cleaning

24. Rearrange Your Furniture Just for Fun

25. Watch the Clouds or Stargaze

26. Take Silly Selfies or Fun Photos

27. Browse through Old Photo Albums or Memories on Social Media

28. Brew Some Iced Tea or Make a Refreshing Smoothie

29. Take a Walk in the Park or Around Your Neighborhood

30. Try Out Some New Makeup Looks (Even if You're Not Going Anywhere)

31. Learn about your Astrology Sign

32. Swipe on a Dating App

33. Watch Cute Animal Videos on YouTube

34. Do a Puzzle or Crossword

35. Plan Your Dream Vacation

36. Create a Vision Board

37. Have a Picnic in Your Own Backyard or Balcony

38. Make Some Delicious Mocktails or Cocktails at Home

39. Throw Out or Give Away old Clothes

40. Do an At-Home Workout or Yoga Session

41. Make a List of Things You Want to Do in the Future

42. Practice Mindfulness

43. Listen to a Podcast

44. Gym-Tan-Laundry (GTL)

45. Catch Up on Some News or Read an Article

46. Write Some Snail Mail to Friends or Family

47. Plan Your Ideal Wedding (Even if You're Not Engaged)

48. Watch a Documentary or Ted Talk

49. DIY Spa Day: Face Masks, Mani-Pedis, and Relaxation

50. Create a Dance Party Playlist for Next Weekend

51. Write Some Poetry or Song Lyrics (Even if You're Not an Artist)

52. Practice Your Cooking Skills with a New Recipe

53. Try Out a New Hobby or Activity (Cross-stitching, Calligraphy, etc.)

54. Stare at Your Ceiling and Contemplate Life

55. Have a Fashion Show with Clothes from Your Closet

56. Plan Your Future Career Path or Retirement Plans

57. Learn a Magic Trick or Two

58. Make a List of Things That Make You Happy

59. Watch a Classic Movie You've Never Seen Before

60. Garden or Buy a House Plant

61. Organize Your Closet or Room

62. Write a Short Story or Fan Fiction

63. Take Buzzfeed Quizzes (What Kind of Potato Are You?)

64. Go for a Drive or Bike Ride with No Destination

65. Try on Outfits from Different Decades (80s, 90s, etc.)

66. Attempt to Do an Accents Challenge

67. Make a Time Capsule and Bury It in Your Backyard

68. Start a Book Club

70. Write Down Your Dreams and Interpret Them

71. Watch an Old TV Show You Used to Love as a Kid

72. Get Your Hair Cut or Cut Your Own Hair

73. Take Some Personality Tests for Fun

74. Do a Random Act of Kindness for Someone (or Yourself)

75. Make a Scrapbook or Memory Book of Special Moments

76. Plan Your Halloween Costume Early (But Don't Buy It, That's for Amateurs)

77. Plan a Murder Mystery Party

78. Watch the Sunset or Sunrise

79. Write Letters to Your Future Self and Open Them on a Future Lazy Sunday

80. Go to a Virtual Concert or Live Stream Event

83. Clean Out Your Phone's Camera Roll

84. Do a Virtual Escape Room or Game Night with Friends

85. Bake Something Delicious or Order Dessert Delivery

86. Plan Your Ideal Future Home Décor on Pinterest

87. Research a Random Topic on Wikipedia and Learn Something New

88. Read Up on Conspiracy Theories

89. Practice your Public Speaking

90. End the Day with Some Reflection and Gratitude for a Lazy Sunday Well Spent (And Don't Forget to Set Your Alarm for Monday Morning)

How Lazy Sundays Affect Sunday Scaries

A man wakes up on Sundays very lazy, showing how it affects Sunday Scaries

Oh, the Sunday Scaries - that delightful cocktail of anxiety, existential dread, and the overwhelming sensation that the weekend has passed in the blink of an eye, leaving you as prepared for Monday as a cat is for a bath.

But don't sweat it, dear friend, for Lazy Sundays are the unsung heroes in this tragic tale. They're like a soft, fluffy blanket for your frazzled nerves, offering solace with every stroke of nothingness you accomplish from your couch fortress.

Now, for those especially spooked by the impending week, might we suggest a little something to ease the transition? CBD gummies – they’re like sending your Scaries on a little holiday of their own. Think of them as a chill pill that doesn’t actually require a prescription and is way healthier for you.

Or, if you’re feeling a wee bit more adventurous, THC gummies can turn those Scaries into Hilaries. Just imagine giggling at your to-do list instead of hyperventilating. Important PSA, though: dosage is key unless you want to end up on a first-name basis with every character in your snack cupboard.

Here’s to defeating the Sunday Scaries and making the time pass in the most positively mellow way possible, one gummy at a time.

And That's a Wrap on Beating the Sunday Scaries

Well, folks, we've reached the end of our magical mystery tour through the land of Lazy Sundays. Armed with an extensive list of activities designed to fend off the Sunday Scaries, from the soul-enriching (hello, gratitude list) to the delightfully frivolous (accents challenge, anyone?), you're now fully equipped to tackle them with the grace of a cat ignoring you—at its finest.

Remember, whether you're swiping on dating apps or you're lying on the floor questioning your life choices, it's all in the noble quest of making Mondays just a little less Monday-ish.

And if all else fails, there's always gummies to sweeten the deal. Turn those Scaries into bearable, dare we say, laughable moments, because anxiety's got nothing on your newly found Lazy Sunday skills.


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