Top 16 Things to Do on a Sunday Morning (In Order)

A monster sits on the balcony of its apartment drinking tea and showing things to do on a Sunday morning

Ah, Sundays — those elusive "free time" spots nestled just before the Monday-esque chaos bursts back into our week.

For the modern millennial or the perennially overworked soul, a Sunday morning needs a rejuvenation itinerary.

But how do you start revving up the energy without reaching for the snooze button? Fear not, I've compiled a zestful list of 16 things to do that will make your Sunday mornings ascend from 'meh' to 'magnificent' without a morning regret in sight.

Plus, these are all written in order, so it can serve you as a full Sunday morning routine.

1. Rise and Reflect

Cliché? Perhaps. But taking a moment to appreciate life without the colleague's buzz is blissful. Meditate for 10 minutes and then write in your journal for 5 minutes in near-silence – there’s a tranquility that early mornings on other days of the week can't rival. During the week we're so inundated with work emails, notifications, adulting responsibilities and more... let this first step be reserved for time with yourself.

2. Blast a Sunday Morning Playlist

Sometimes you need an injection of positive energy to start your Sunday morning. After you rise and reflect, put on this Easy Like Sunday Morning Weekend Chill Music playlist before you brush your teeth and do the whole morning bathroom routine. This will help you get out of your own head, especially if you're dealing with the Sunday morning blues.

3. Take a Shivering Cold Shower

This idea sounds like it sucks... because it does. But a cold shower can act as a boost of energy and really wake you up, especially if you're recovering from a night out and dealing with Hangxiety. If stepping into an icy cold shower sounds daunting, try this hack: Start the shower hot so it's easy to get underneath the water and after 3 minutes turn the faucet all the way to cold. This tricks your body into getting used to being wet and is way more approachable.

4. Whip Up Some Coffee or Tea

While your Sunday playlist continues to brighten the vibe, brew up some homemade coffee with a french press or get your kettle out for some steaming hot caffeinated tea. There's something special in holding a warm mug on Sunday mornings and it will help give you some pep in your step before you're ready to take on the real world.

5. Abolish Your Hangover

A Sunday Scaries mascot adds CBD Oil to his tea on Sunday morning to help abolish a hangover

Are the Sunday Scaries hitting hard? Probably being exacerbated by one-to-many shots of Tequila from Saturday night? Have no fear. The coffee or tea will act as a piece of bringing you back to life, but consider also adding some CBD oil tincture to your tea to help deal with the symptoms of hangover depression or munch on a couple of extra strength CBD gummies after that hot cup of joe. CBD can be really helpful in helping you deal with the potential shame and guilt that accompanies the aftermath of drinking alcohol, and it is also being researched as an anti-inflammatory which helps with the headache.

6. Energize with a Morning Stretch

No, it's not an Olympic training session, but a gentle stretching routine to break down the fortress of sleep-cramps. Yoga if you're serene, interpretative dance if you're a soulful artiste – the mat is your canvas. This is great to do on the balcony of your apartment or in your backyard of your house where you can absorb some morning rays (which also helps with your sleep later on as it activates your circadian rhythm).

7. Read Just One Page of a Book

Hopefully your coffee or tea is still hot for this next thing to do on a Sunday morning. Instead of picking up a business book or school textbook, consider reading just one page of a self-help book like The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday. It's the perfect way to get your brain activated and instill a sense of philosophical reflection in your life. It's just one page! Not a huge morning obligation.

8. Freshen Up Your Living Space

Before you head out for the day, set yourself up for the week ahead by making your bed, doing some light cleaning and organizing your living space. It will give you an early sense of accomplishment and the more tidy your place is the more clear your head space will be. Channel your inner Marie Kondo and even throw in some laundry if you want to go the extra mile. Your Monday morning will thank you.

9. Get in Some Light Exercise

A hiker goes on a flat terrain hike for some light exercise showing a thing to do on Sunday morning

I'm not asking you to run a marathon here, unless that's what you're into. For me, Sunday is my rest day from the gym and boxing, but I still like to get the endorphins pumping and get my heart rate up. Again, this gives you a sense of accomplishment and helps you induce sleep later on in the evening. Try a walk around the block or even a flat-terrain hike. Exercise doesn't always have to leave you drenched in sweat.

10. Activate your Inner Greenthumb

I learned this from my dad who is now in his early 70's... happiness is all about the small things in life. What better feeling than being surrounded by Mother Nature, and helping her grow. If you have a backyard, head down to your local nursery and buy some plants to enhance your estate. If you live in an apartment and work-from-home, check out this list of The Top 10 Office Plants for Stress Relief. Once Monday hits you'll smile knowing you brought that little desk plant to life.

11. Donate Old Clothes

Before your Sunday Funday kicks in, purge your closet and pile up all of those old clothes you never wear. Take them down to the Goodwill or the Salvation Army and donate them to someone in need. One man's trash is another man's treasure, plus, if you save the receipt you can write off the donation amount on your next tax return. Win-win situation if you ask me.

12. Make Plans with Friends for the Upcoming Week

Sundays can be lonely, but they don't have to be. Reach out to some friends and make plans for the upcoming week. It can be as simple as grabbing a drink or trying out a new restaurant. Having something to look forward to during the week will help break up the monotony of work and responsibilities. Plus, who doesn't love a good excuse to catch up with friends?

13. Briefly Prep for the Work Week

Are you having a tough time enjoying the present moment (which happens to be your time off), because you have anxiety about a Monday meeting at work? A good way to extricate yourself from these unwanted vibes is to quickly plan out your week. Don't take this idea as a suggestion to make Sunday morning a full on work session, but you can reduce stress by simply clearing your inbox, calendaring out your week or completing some unimportant yet necessary tasks that don't soak up too much brain power. Once more, knocking this off your to-do list will give you a feeling of accomplishment and will erase the guilt you might be feeling from taking time off from grinding at work. You hustler, you.

14. Reflect on a Problem

The leisure to consider a problem uninterrupted is rare. Dedicate a part of your Sunday morning to contemplating issues that demand attention. Take a break to write down any insights that surface and enjoy the process. Who knows, by Monday morning you might have figured out how to solve that issue that's been bugging you all week. Plus, you'll feel like a genius for not-so-coincidentally finding the solution on your day off. A good hack is to break your life into two buckets: Personal & Professional, and then write down your two biggest problems in each bucket with ideas on how to solve them.

15. Take Up a New Sport

If a long walk makes you feel like an old-timer, but you also don't want to spend time inside at your local gym that you frequent during the weekdays, then consider picking up a new sport. Were you a tennis prodigy at age 10 but stopped playing for no apparent reason? Do all of your friends invite you to golf but you find yourself saying "no" because you think you might suck? Or maybe you've been itching to join the Pickle Ball fad? This Sunday morning, book a lesson or just head out with a friend and try a new sporting activity. It may even end up developing into a full-blown passion.

16. Sunday Funday it Up with Brunch and Mimosas

A group of friends enjoy brunch and mimosas for Sunday Funday showing a thing to do on Sunday mornings

Did someone say bottomless mimosas? After engaging in a bunch of healthy and relaxing list items the entire morning, you may want to remind yourself that Sunday is indeed part of the weekend as well. Get together your group of besties and hit a local brunch spot for some delicious grub, bubbly orange juice or bloody mary's. If the hair-of-the-dog isn't your thing, or if you don't drink altogether, then no worries. The socialization itself will make your Sunday morning feel less isolated and the laughter and conversation at brunch will be a good weekend distraction from all of the pain points that come from the weekday rat race.

BONUS Section: How to Find Local Events in Your City

Because who wouldn't want to know where the party's at? Or, you know, a book reading if that's more your jam. Use these sites to find out what kind of events are happening in your city so you can schedule something fun, exciting and new on Sunday mornings:


Eventbrite: Your go-to for anything from that 5k where you pretend to run but actually just walk briskly, to day-time underground techno raves that make you question your life choices.


Meetup: Ideal for those who want to meet strangers from the internet in a totally non-creepy way. Whether you're into knitting with cat enthusiasts or debating the best Star Trek episode, there's a group waiting for you.

Facebook Events

Facebook Events: Because stalking your high school ex isn't the only thing Facebook is good for. Discover events ranging from your neighbor's DJ gig (he's actually not bad) to that free yoga class you'll promise to go to but never will.


TimeOut: For those who enjoy pretending they're cultured by hitting up the latest art exhibits, indie film screenings, or that trendy new fusion restaurant. TimeOut knows what's up.

Remember, being in the know never hurt anybody. Unless you end up at a mime convention. Then, all bets are off.

The Sunday Morning Conclusion

There you have it — the ultimate guide to turning those drowsy Sunday mornings into days of vibrant indulgence.

Remember, it’s not about getting rid of that perpetual Sunday morning grogginess; it’s about shaping it into something you’d willingly jump out of bed for.

If you feel like you have Sunday morning on lock now, but you're super confused about what to do for the rest of the day, check out the Top 40 Things to Do on a Sunday Afternoon & Top 32 Things to Do on a Sunday Night to make your Sundays complete.

Now, go make your Sunday the first day of the rest of your week.

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