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MEET THE SQUAD: @ChristiannBlake

Our fearless squad member Christian is someone you're going to want to keep your eye on. This creative genius from the Midwest moved out to California to chase his dream, and damn, we can say he's a star in our eyes!

Like any millennial creative, the constant stream of media we're consuming daily can be overwhelming. Add the layer of making social media marketing and content creation your job, and you can imagine how all-encompassing these platforms can be.

In Christian's own words, "When I get really overwhelmed, I pause, take a step back, ask myself why I’m feeling this way, and find the root... I face it head on." Confronting the Scaries in your life doesn't have to be so Scary, though--and that's where our CBD candies come in. Christian swears by our Vegan AF dots and Unicorn Jerky, and being open about his mental health and being part of the LGBTQ community only makes him "stan" harder. Thanks for being on the squad, Christian!

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