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MEET THE SQUAD: @theweedmomma

Why do you take Sunday Scaries?
I take Sunday Scaries every morning when I wake up to subside that nervous feeling in my chest

What time of day do you use Sunday Scaries and how much do you usually take at a time?
I take 2 gummies each morning and the Unicorn Jerky candy strips as needed through the day.

What are your favorite products?
Unicorn Jerky or Big Spoon for sleep, definitely!

How long have you been taking Sunday Scaries?
I’ve been taking Sunday Scaries for almost a year now!

Can you share one unique / funny time you were weirdly stressed-out / anxious and Sunday Scaries helped?
Funny time, I get weirdly anxious at my sons school pick up I’m the youngest parent and being around the stepford housewives freaks me out so one time I had to eat gummies in the car parking line before I got to the school 😂

Our girl Destinee Torres is a mom, model, and advocate for parents who want to chill and relax in their own unique ways. Destinee spends her spare time shooting content for her favorite brands and connecting with those in her community on social media.

Destinee doesn't shy away from a challenge or keeping it 💯. In fat, her rawness and honesty are something that inspires us everyday to keep living our best Scarefree life. While you're at it, grab a bottle of Big Spoon; Destinee's surefire way to get the best night's sleep while also waking up feeling refreshed.

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