What’s good Scary Squad!

To start off, I want to thank all of you for taking the time to read our first company update last month. It was really cool to see many of you taking the time to read it, and for responding back to me personally. I love creating relationships with y’all and really cementing our Scarefree community… so keep the responses comin’. 

At the end of this email I’ll be revealing some SURPRISE plans for early 2023. We have epic things in store, all with the intention of providing YOU with more value. Do I have your attention? 

But first, I want to share with you how we operate here at Sunday Scaries. In my last email I told you why we do what we do: 

We want everyone to live confident, fulfilled and happy lives and not be their own worst enemy. We want everyone to get out of their own heads. 

In this email I want to be transparent and let you know who we are, and how we operate.

I want to share with you our Core Values. 

Many companies have nice sounding, generic value statements displayed in the lobby, such as: Integrity, Communication, Respect, Excellence…

I hope you’re happy to know that these are NOT our values. In fact these were Enron's values, and you can check the history books to see what happened to them.

At Sunday Scaries all of those words are important and upheld, but we do things a little bit differently here. We’re not your everyday company… we’re a little more badass. 

Check out our unique and sensationalized core values below:

Core Value #1: Let’s Get Ready To Rumble. 

Shoutout to our boy Michael Buffer! IYKYK. 

Most offices are stale as hell and feel stuffy and prison-like. You guys might be asking yourselves why this is our opening core value. It’s because it’s our attitude that trickles down into everything we do. We are loud and proud and we are hungry to win. 

We’re eager to dominate the CBD competition and we’re gunna make some noise doing it. 

Core Value #2: Keep it 100

We bring that Brene Brownish-type vulnerability. 

Most problems start as small issues and then blow up out of proportion, turning into a huge problem. We seek to uncover issues asap here at Sunday Scaries. We actually encourage our team and customers to come to us with stuff that is bothering you so we can help fix it. 

All we ask is that you give us a chance to solve your issue before lighting us up in the reviews. We depend on 5 stars as a small business, yo!

Core Value #3: Grow Or Die

The Sky’s the Limit. RIP Biggie. 

Many people go through life not living up to their full potential. They tread water and they remain in the same position. They are stagnant because they don’t take the time to learn how to evolve and advance. 

That’s not us. 

Here at Sunday Scaries we take risks. We fail fast and pivot. We are results oriented and we concentrate on self-improvement, so we can always get better. 

Core Value #4: Unleash Your Inner Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds is the GOAT. A little secret: he’s a Sunday Scaries fan as well, and our brand crush. 

Work to some people means putting on a suit, changing character and behaving according to a made-up “professional” setting. Their true behavior is left behind as soon as they walk through the office doors. At Sunday Scaries, we are who we are and we don’t leave our personalities in the parking lot. 

We’re feisty, edgy, a little sarcastic, and we have fun working that way. Just like RR in Deadpool. 

Core Value #5: Deliver Happiness

Pour out a little liquor for Tony Hsieh from Zappos, alongside Biggie. 

How many times have you dealt with a company with no human customer service, a shitty return policy or staff who don’t seem to care that you bought their product or service? 

Annoying, right? 

The reason the Deliver Happiness core value is last is because it embodies why we do what we do. We make anxiety relatable and we do whatever it takes to be inclusive and create a Scarefree community. 

We consider you our friends, not just customers.

So, friends, now that you know how we rock out - it’s time to reveal our SURPRISE 2023 plans.

Based on your survey results we’re going to…  

  • Improve the quality and efficacy of our CBD oil by switching to Full Spectrum.
  • Launch a THC product. 
  • Roll out dope Sunday Scaries merchandise. 

Y’all are captaining this Sunday Scaries ship, and as your crew we’re loving your commands. 

Now it’s time for us to execute. 

Look out for next month’s update. 

Stay Chill,

Mike Sill 

CEO & Co-Founder

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