What’s up Scary Squad. 

First, I’d like to express how grateful I am for being so loyal to us. I know there are a ton of CBD companies out there and it goes a long way that you chose us as your stress relief companion. 

I wanted to write this not just to express my gratitude, but also because I think it’s important that we keep you in the loop with monthly updates. So you can expect another post next month. 

For this initial founder post, I wanted to draw the curtain to show you how our product ended up in your hands. 

My business partner, Beau, and I never thought we’d be selling CBD. We were both in the bar & restaurant industry for a collective 18 years. Our original plan was to open up fun establishments across the country, and beyond. But then life hit us with a ton of bricks. 

I lost my little sister, Julia, to suicide and Beau’s dad, Bob, unexpectedly passed away. Simultaneously, we were getting our asses kicked as young entrepreneurs. We were destroyed emotionally while also dealing with the anxiety of running a failing business. 

It seemed like we were being attacked by everything from all angles, and the isolation and fear was so intense we could barely sleep at night. 

In our younger lives we never thought this type of stress would be so overbearing. “Adulting” comes with a ton of unanticipated pressure and we never knew how much it would consume us. 

To deal with this stress, Beau and I tried everything. 

We started with negative coping mechanisms like alcohol and over criticizing ourselves. 

Then we were introduced to positive coping mechanisms like yoga, meditation, breathwork, therapy and more. While these are still things we encourage and practice, it just wasn’t enough. We needed some extra help. 

We were committed to fighting this internal darkness and became obsessed with finding a solution that actually worked. That’s when we stumbled into the wild world of CBD. 

Once we were introduced to CBD we immediately felt the cool, calm relief it provided. We also realized after we took it consistently over time, that the effects compounded. Finally, when we stopped taking it, that’s when we fully really realized how much it was helping. So we continued. 

We spent over 2 years custom formulating our CBD gummy (the first product) with added vitamins to combat our stress. 

We flew to meet the hemp farmers in Greeley, Colorado to ensure quality raw materials, we ran countless 3rd party lab tests to achieve the most potent refined distillate and isolate, we’ve met with every credible manufacturer under the sun to ensure they were GMP certified, and we’ve executed R&D run after R&D run to ensure we have the best product on the market. 

We’ve spent millions of dollars getting to the point we are now with regards to product efficacy and quality. It honestly blows my mind. 

When we began, my mom thought the DEA was going to kick my door down (this was 2017 when even my stoner friends didn’t know what CBD was). 

 Due to CBD being in this legal “gray area” we’ve encountered insane obstacles that we’ve needed to overcome. 

*insert: more stress, haha.  

We’ve dealt with rogue manufacturers who have ripped us off, Facebook and Google banning our ad accounts, banks denying us funding, payment processors shutting us down overnight without provocation, and much much more. We’ve been fighting with one arm tied behind our backs, all because we’re CBD. 

We’ve also battled other goliath-type institutions like Amazon which allows the sale of fake CBD products but disallows ours. And the FDA who was supposed to classify CBD as a dietary supplement… 3 friggin’ years ago. 

There have been many times where Beau and I have wanted to throw in the towel and give up. Sometimes the stress levels are so high that we start attacking each other (we’re basically brothers). Don’t worry, we always hug it out. 

This has been the greatest challenge of our lives, but we always have to remember to zoom out and recognize how much we’ve accomplished, how much our lives have improved with CBD, and why we do what we do.  

We know what it’s like to wake up on Sunday morning with a moral hangover, questioning our life choices. 

We know what it’s like to try and go to bed early at night, but can’t, because negative scenarios run through our heads. 

We know what it’s like to get overwhelmed at work and wonder “why the hell are we stuck in this rat race?”

We have a strong feeling you may deal with this shit too. ;)

We do what we do because we want everyone to live confident, fulfilled and happy lives and not be their own worst enemy. We want everyone to get out of their own heads. 

That’s why we created Sunday Scaries, because life doesn’t have to be so scary. 

Stay tuned for more detailed monthly updates on what we’re working on as a business, and how we’re building our brand to provide you more value. 

As always hit us up if you need anything, we’re always here to help you on your Scarefree journey. 

Stay Chill,

Mike Sill