Top 40 Things to Do on a Rainy Sunday

A monster has a movie marathon showing a thing to do on a rainy Sunday

Rainy Sundays can feel like a damper on your weekend plans. However, they also offer a unique opportunity to slow down, enjoy some indoor activities, or even brave the rain for a bit of adventure.

Whether you're on your own, with family, friends, or your significant other, there's no shortage of ways to make a rainy Sunday memorable and fun. Here's a list of the top 40 things you can do to turn a dreary Sunday into something special.

1. Have a Movie Marathon

Curl up on the couch with some blankets and embark on a movie marathon. Whether it's the latest series, a set of classics, or movies from your favorite genre, a rainy Sunday is perfect for screen time.

2. Bake Something New

Rainy days are perfect for baking. Try out a new recipe, whether it's a batch of cookies, a fancy cake, or homemade bread. The warmth from the oven and the smell of baking will cozy up your home.

3. Read a Book

Dive into a new book or revisit an old favorite. Reading is a perfect way to escape the rain and lose yourself in another world.

4. Start a DIY Project

Use this time to start or finish a DIY project. Whether it’s painting, crafting, or building something, a rainy Sunday gives you the uninterrupted time to be creative.

5. Indoor Picnic

Spread a blanket on the floor and have an indoor picnic. It's a fun way to enjoy a meal and can be a great surprise for your loved ones.

6. Listen to a New Podcast

Find a podcast that piques your interest, whether it's educational, inspirational, or just entertaining, and dive in.

7. Organize a Room

Tackle a room or closet that needs organizing. It’s a productive way to spend the day and you’ll feel accomplished afterward.

8. Visit a Museum Virtually

Many museums offer virtual tours. Spend your rainy day exploring museums from around the world from the comfort of your home.

9. Yoga or Meditation

A rainy day is a perfect backdrop for a calming session of yoga or meditation. Find a quiet space, roll out your mat, and relax.

10. Write Letters

In our digital age, receiving a handwritten letter is special. Write letters to friends or family members, sharing your thoughts or a simple hello.

11. Have a Spa Day

Treat yourself to a spa day at home. Take a long bath, do some facials, and relax.

12. Create a Scrapbook

Compile your memories into a scrapbook. It’s a creative way to document your favorite moments and will be something to look back on in the years to come.

13. Play Board Games

Dust off your board games and have a game day. Whether you're competitive or just in it for fun, board games are a great way to spend quality time with others.

14. Indoor Treasure Hunt

Create an indoor treasure hunt for your family or roommates. It’s a fun way to stay active and engaged with each other.

15. Experiment with Cocktails

Try your hand at mixology and experiment with making new cocktails or mocktails.

16. Listen to Vinyl Records

If you have a record player, spend the day listening to vinyl. There’s something nostalgic and unique about the sound quality of records.

17. Indoor Gardening

Focus on your indoor plants. Repotting, pruning, or starting a herb garden can be soothing activities.

18. Watch a Documentary

Choose a documentary on a topic you’re curious about. It’s a great way to learn something new and stay entertained.

19. Puzzle Time

Start a jigsaw puzzle. It's a meditative activity that can be surprisingly satisfying.

20. Cook a New Recipe

Pick a recipe you've never tried before and challenge yourself in the kitchen. It's a rewarding way to spend your time.

21. Online Learning

Take an online course or workshop. Many platforms offer courses on a wide range of topics, from photography to cooking to programming.

22. Karaoke at Home

Set up a karaoke session at home. Sing your heart out to your favorite songs, either solo or with a group.

23. Art and Craft

Try your hand at painting, drawing, or any other art and craft activity. It’s therapeutic and allows you to express your creativity.

24. Watch Old Home Videos

Take a trip down memory lane and watch old home videos. It’s a heartwarming way to reminisce.

25. Create a Vision Board

Use this time to think about your goals and aspirations. Create a vision board to visualize your future.

26. Learn a New Skill

Whether it’s knitting, playing a musical instrument, or a new language, a rainy day is a perfect time to start learning something new.

27. Host a Virtual Meetup

Organize a virtual meetup with friends or family. It's a great way to stay connected and have fun together, even if you're apart.

28. Wine Tasting at Home

Organize a wine tasting session at home. Select a few different wines to sample and pair them with some snacks.

29. Make a Homemade Pizza

From kneading the dough to choosing your toppings, making pizza from scratch is a fun and delicious way to spend your day.

30. Plan Your Next Vacation

Dream about your next getaway. Research destinations, accommodations, and activities for your future vacation.

31. Play Video Games

Immerse yourself in the world of video games. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a hardcore enthusiast, it’s a fun way to pass the time.

32. Create a Playlist

Compile a playlist of your favorite songs or discover new music. It’s a fun way to enhance your music library.

33. Take an Online Fitness Class

Keep active by taking an online fitness class. There are many options available, from high-intensity workouts to more relaxed yoga sessions.

34. Start a Blog

Share your thoughts, interests, or expertise by starting a blog. It’s a rewarding way to connect with others who share your passions.

35. Photography at Home

Experiment with photography indoors. Try still life, portraits, or creative projects with whatever camera you have.

36. Learn to Code

Coding is a valuable skill. Start with online tutorials and exercises to get a feel for the basics.

37. Make a Time Capsule

Create a time capsule with items and notes that represent the current moment in your life. Decide on a future date to open it.

38. Do a Puzzle

Engage your brain with a challenging crossword puzzle, Sudoku, or any brain game that you enjoy.

39. Brew Your Own Beer

If you’re interested in homebrewing, start researching and setting up your brewing kit. It's a fascinating hobby that rewards patience and creativity.

40. Plan a Themed Dinner Night

Choose a theme and plan a dinner around it. From the menu to the decor, it’s a fun way to make mealtime special.

Rainy Sundays don't have to be dreary. With a little creativity and planning, you can turn them into days filled with fun, relaxation, and productivity.

Whether you're indulging in hobbies, learning something new, or simply taking the time to rest, make the most of these moments to recharge and enjoy.

How Rainy Days affect the Sunday Scaries

A monster looks out the window showing how rainy days affect the Sunday Scaries

The Sunday Scaries, sometimes used interchangeably with the Sunday Blues (which has more of a focus on depression), are feelings of anxiety and dread that often creep in on Sunday evenings. It's a common experience for many people who are anticipating the start of a new work week.

Rainy days can intensify these feelings because they limit our ability to go out and distract ourselves from the upcoming week. Instead, we're forced to stay indoors and face our anxieties head-on.

However, with the right approach, rainy Sundays can actually help alleviate these Sunday Scaries. By engaging in activities that bring joy and relaxation, we can shift our focus away from work-related stressors and find peace in the present moment.

Rain also has a way of "cleansing" the spirits. The sound of rain can be soothing and calming, making it the perfect backdrop for activities like reading a book or taking a hot bath. These simple acts of self-care can help us recharge and prepare for the week ahead.

Moreover, rainy days can also provide an opportunity for introspection and reflection. Take some time to journal or meditate, allowing yourself to process any lingering anxieties and emotions. This can help release tension and promote a sense of calm.

In fact, some studies have shown that rain actually has a positive effect on our mood. The negative ions released during rainfall can increase serotonin levels in our brains, which is responsible for regulating mood and reducing stress.

Finally, rainy Sundays give you a valid excuse to stay curled up in bed, so if you're dealing with hangxiety at least you won't feel like a giant piece of crap while lounging indoors all day.

If the rain is dropping your mood intensely and you are dealing with anxiety from being isolated inside all day, try taking some CBD gummies to help deal with the stress.

What to do on a Sunday when the Rain Stops

A monster shows what to do on Sundays when the rain stops

Once the rain has passed, don't waste any time getting outside and enjoying the fresh air. Here are some ideas for outdoor activities to do on a sunny Sunday, broken down by the time of day:


In conclusion, whether the skies decide to grace us with sunshine or drench us with rain, Sundays offer a goldmine of opportunities to either kick back in blissful laziness or engage in a flurry of gratifying activities.

From the comfort of brewing your own questionable beer concoction to the adrenaline rush of planning a dinner that might end up looking nothing like the Pinterest board you created, every moment is ripe for making memories.

Remember, the ultimate anti-dote to the Sunday Scaries doesn't necessarily lie in the activities you choose but in wrapping yourself in the cozy blanket of each experience.

So, whether you're indoors mastering the subtle art of not melting down over a jigsaw puzzle or outside basking in post-rain clarity, every Sunday carries the potential to be extraordinary.

Cheers to transforming rainy Sundays into mini adventures.


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