Top 44 Things to Do on a Sunday

A Sunday Scaries monster makes a cocktail showing one of the things to do on a Sunday

If you're wondering, "what are things to do on a Sunday?", you've come to the right place.

Sunday... that sweet spot between the end of a fleeting weekend and the looming threat of Monday. What to do on this 24-hour paradox?

Here's a wildly comprehensive list of 44 things to do on Sundays, broken down into categories of Relaxing, Party, Active and Productive.

From the Sunday couch potatoes to the Sunday party animals to the Sunday sweat-seekers to the Sunday go-getters... we have ideas specially catered for you.

11 Relaxing Things to Do on a Sunday

A Sunday Scaries monster chills on the couch showing a relaxing thing to do on a Sunday

1. Master the Art of Doing Nothing

Practice looking busy while achieving absolutely nothing. It's an art form really, perfect for warding off any "you should be productive" guilt.

2. Binge-Watch a Series

Choose a series. Watch it all. Ignore the beautiful weather outside and close the curtains. This is your cocoon time.

3. Take a Bath Long Enough to Turn Prune-y

Is there really a draught?! Take some me time and luxuriate until you question your existence and life choices. Consume a couple of drops of CBD oil tincture to help you decompress.

4. Read a Book You'll Never Finish

Start a book with all the good intentions. Get distracted. Leave it to collect dust. Repeat next Sunday.

5. Judge People on Social Media

Scroll through your feed with the judiciousness of a reality TV show judge because, obviously, you have your life together.

6. Nap Like It’s an Olympic Sport

Go for gold in the Nap Olympics. Category: Freestyle. Naps were super cool in Kindergarten, why kill them off while adulting?

7. Bake Something You Saw on Pinterest

It won’t look the same, but the fun is in the illusion of potential culinary greatness. Plus you get to munch down on it.

8. Start a DIY Project

Halfway through, question your life choices. Then abandon it for next weekend.

9. Meditate (Or Pretend To)

Sit in silence. Think about everything you need to do. Call it meditation. Or you can take it serious by checking out this Beginner’s Guide to Meditation for Sleep & Anxiety: Tips for a Successful Practice.

10. Daydream About Quitting Your Job

Because maybe, just maybe, you're meant to be a traveling Instagram influencer. Learn how to escape the Rat Race and get uncaged with these steps.

11. Stare at Your Ceiling Contemplating Existence

There’s nothing quite like a good existential crisis to round off the weekend.

11 Party Things to Do on a Sunday

A Sunday Scaries monsters hangs out at a bonfire showing a party thing to do on a Sunday

1. Host a Brunch for People You Tolerate

Mimosa in one hand, existential dread of the workweek in the other. Misery loves company, but you can also scream "YOLO" and just send it.

2. Craft Cocktails You Can't Pronounce

Who needs a bartender when you have YouTube and too much confidence? If you're not a big drinker, take some THC gummies and make yourself a smoothie with all the leftover fruit from the week.

3. Start a One-Person Dance Party

Because your pets need to know who's boss around here.

4. Karaoke with Neighbors You've Never Met

Nothing says community like belting out 80s power ballads with strangers.

5. Explore Local Bars (a.k.a. Pub Crawl)

It's called supporting local businesses, okay?

6. Binge Eat Takeout

Because cooking is so last Saturday.

7. Have a Themed Movie Marathon

Pirates, wizards, robots? The more niche, the better.

8. Organize a Game Night

Realize halfway that you're way too competitive for casual games.

9. Crash a Wedding

Hey, free cake and stories for the next Sunday brunch. Or, just watch the movie Wedding Crashers.

10. Have a Beach Bonfire

Assuming you’re near a beach and not breaking any local laws, of course.

11. Drunk Dial an Ex

Stay toxic, Queen. JK. Maybe. No, JK.

11 Active Things to Do on a Sunday

A monster takes a swim in a pool showing an active thing to do on Sunday

1. Try Yoga and Immediately Regret It

Nothing says "I'm flexible" like not being able to touch your toes. But like, you got this.

2. Go on a Hike and Complain the Entire Time

Nature is beautiful but also, really big and tiring. If you're actually serious about the great outdoors, check out these 10 Ways Hiking Can Boost Your Mental Health and Stomp Out Your Stress.

3. Adopt a Dog for the Afternoon from a Friend

Get all the love and none of the responsibility. Return before it starts to get dark. It's like being a fun uncle (funcle). If the dog misses you when you're gone, hook them up with a FOMO Bone.

4. Ride Your Bike in Circles

Because who really needs a destination on a Sunday?

5. Join a Local Sports Team for a Day

Acquire a fake name and backstory for added fun.

6. Attempt Gardening and Attract Pests

Become the inadvertent Pied Piper of insects.

7. Go Swimming and Realize You Can't Float

Reaffirm your respect for buoyancy and physics.

8. Clean Your Home Aggressively

It's not procrastination if you're sweating while doing it.

9. Rearrange Your Furniture for Fun

Change is good. Muscle strain is temporary.

10. Walk to a Destination You Usually Drive To

Discover new muscles to complain about tomorrow.

11. Pretend to Be a Tourist in Your Own City

Take photos of mundane things and marvel at "local" culture.

11 Productive Things to Do on a Sunday

A Sunday Scaries monster gardens showing a productive thing to do on Sundays

1. Meal Prep for the Week

Start strong. By Wednesday, order pizza.

2. Write a To-Do List for the Week

List-making is the first step to adulting. If you need some help concentrating, pop some CBD gummies for focus and enter flow state.

3. Deep Clean Your Email Inbox

Unsubscribe from everything except this blog.

4. Plan Your Outfits for the Week

Or at least pretend you won’t wear the same three things.

5. Start a Side Hustle

Because your regular hustle isn’t hustling hard enough, or so your boss may say. If work has you burnt out, check out this guide for How to Avoid Burnout at Work.

6. Organize Your Life with a New App

Download, customize, never open again.

7. Learn a New Skill Online

Two words: Competitive. Underwater. Basket weaving.

8. Update Your Resume

Add "time management" because you managed to fit all these activities into one Sunday.

9. Plant Something Edible

Witness the slow, inevitable march towards death of your basil plant.

10. Journal Your Thoughts and Feelings

Stare at a blank page for 20 minutes, write "it's complicated," and call it a day.

11. Volunteer Virtually

Do good, feel good, all from the comfort of your couch.

And there you have it, folks, a comprehensive guide to mastering your Sundays with a mix of relaxation, party, activity, and productivity. Choose your own adventure or, you know, don’t. After all, it's Sunday.

Things to Do on Sundays Depending on the Time Of Day


  • Sleep in, because who needs a schedule on weekends?
  • Make the perfect cup of coffee and enjoy it slowly.
  • Read the newspaper (or just scroll through Twitter for news).
  • Take a leisurely stroll around your neighborhood.

For a more ideas, check out this comprehensive list of the Top 16 Things to Do on a Sunday Morning (In Order).


  • Have a picnic in the park with friends or family.
  • Go to a local farmers market and pick up fresh produce.
  • Watch a movie matinee at the theater.
  • Go for a long bike ride or hike.

For a more ideas, check out this comprehensive list of the Top 40 Things to Do on a Sunday Afternoon.


  • Have a bonfire or fire pit in your backyard.
  • Host a dinner party with friends.
  • Watch the sunset at a scenic location.
  • Have a movie marathon with popcorn and snacks. Remember, it's not binge-watching if it's on a Sunday.

For a more ideas, check out this comprehensive list of the Top 32 Things to Do on a Sunday Night.

Late Night:

  • Go stargazing.
  • Have a late-night snack run to your favorite 24-hour diner.
  • Read a book that's been on your list for ages.
  • Write in your journal or reflect on the week ahead.

How Choosing How to Spend Your Sundays Affects Your Sunday Scaries

There's no doubt that Sundays can be a major trigger for the infamous Sunday Scaries. But how you choose to spend your day off can make all the difference in how severe (or non-existent) those scaries are.

For example, if you spend your entire Sunday worrying about work or dreading Monday, chances are you'll experience some pretty intense scaries come Sunday night. But if you prioritize self-care and do activities that bring you joy, your Sunday can become a day of relaxation and rejuvenation, setting you up for a successful week ahead.

Sidenote: reading this hysterical list should have brought you some joy.

So next time you're planning your Sunday Funday, consider incorporating some activities from each category to create a well-rounded day.

And remember, it's okay to not have plans on Sundays - sometimes the best way to conquer those scaries or shine light on your sunday blues is to simply take a break and do whatever makes you happy. Happy Sunday!


And there we have it, the ultimate guide to pretending you have your life together on a Sunday.

Whether you're adopting a dog for a few hours to boost your Instagram game, being aggressively productive in a way that would make a self-help guru weep, or simply trying to outsmart the existential dread with a cocktail that screams "I'm an adult", you're all set to make the most of your last day of freedom.

Remember, Sunday is a state of mind, and with this guide, you're practically a zen master. Or something close to it, anyway. Cheers to making Sunday the best day of the week, until Monday rolls around.

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